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Taking Meaningful Action Against Racism

In her latest post in the Harvard Business Review, Professor Laura Morgan Roberts and Ella Washington partner to write an concise, precise and useful road map that organizations can use to support their black employees, and create lasting changes in the diversity and inclusion space.While conventional diversity, equity, and…

By Christie Julien-
Activism, Democracy, Diversity, Social Justice

The Long Run

In the short run.Looking starkly at the civil unrest and violence occurring in many cities in the US in the wake of the revelation of George Floyd’s murder by a former police officer Derek Chauvin, it is only natural to ask what can be done to end the…

By Martin Davidson-
Democracy, Diversity, inclusion, Social Justice

Nikole Hannah Jones Speaks at UVA

Journalist Nikole Hannah Jones, creator of the 1619 Project, visited UVA to dialogue with President Ryan and Charlottesville community leaders.  Hannah Jones’ 1619 Project explores how the legacy slavery shapes and informs the national narratives of the United States.  You can watch her talks in their entirety at the Democracy…

By Christie Julien-