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Lifting Voices

Working at a University I learn something new every day!  Yesterday, I learned about The OpEd Project and their partnership with UVA.  In a meeting, It was shared that a study found that 97% of op-eds by scholars in the Wall Street Journal were written by men. The goal…

By Wendy Huber-
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Happy Pride Month

As Pride month continues and parades and events happen all across the US I was taken by the message Meagan Fitzgerald shared on the NBC evening news in Washington, DC on June 2, 2019.   Her lead into her engagement announcement is just fantastic!  Please take 1:18 to listen.Also…

By Wendy Huber-
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Thought Leadership

Institutions of higher education are filled with smart people – students, staff and faculty alike. I’m going to focus on just one of those groups today, faculty. Our faculty are teaching the next generation of leaders and researching in hopes of solving real-world problems. This research tends to get…

By Wendy Huber-