New TV Show Asks “Big Questions”

Olsson Center Senior Fellow Patricia H. Werhane, the Executive Director of the Institute for Business and Professional Ethics at DePaul University, has recently launched a new PBS program about ethics called “Big Questions.”

Pat WerhanePart documentary, part talk-show, each episode draws you into major issues facing the world today, and many episodes offer solutions.

The show asks what you think about some of the world’s most critical challenges. Big Questions brings you inspiring stories where just a few people have already made a big difference. The hosts bring years of experience and knowledge to help shed light on new ideas and projects that are changing the way the world works, and then look to you for insights on how that change can continue.

Stirring and motivating stories can be found in all kinds of places, from our backyard to faraway places around the globe. The first half of season takes the viewer to rural villages in Bangladesh, an international corporation’s health care initiative in Tanzania, wage theft protests and food deserts in Chicago, and even includes a rehabilitation program in a small town Michigan correctional facility. The second half brings the viewer to a school in Haiti, a pineapple plantation in Ghana, homeless shelters in the U.S., Hong Kong’s cage homes, a refugee hospital in Jordan and more.

big questions

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