How do you spread your influence across an organization? How do you ensure that the right systems or processes are in place to hire the outstanding talent you need? What can you do to improve the structures, procedures or design mechanisms within your organization if you’re a midlevel leader?

Professor Sean Martin states that there are plenty of opportunities along your career path to promote and drive change. He shares recommendations for actions and behaviors to help you identify what’s not working and speak up.

The goal is to unlock creative thinking about how you can optimize organizational design within your own immediate sphere of influence. Then your team or department not only excels, it becomes a model that others within the business might notice and perhaps even replicate.

- Sean Martin, Donald and Lauren Morel Associate Professor of Business Administration

Martin shares six crucial behaviors to adopt to help effect positive change by making sure team members feel heard, respected, affirmed and empowered:

  • Build a cohort of colleagues and allies
  • Communicate goals clearly
  • Connect work with purpose
  • Create the context for communication
  • Be authentic
  • Be courageous

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