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Q&A with Faria Tuz Zahura, Winner of the 2019 Global Water Initiative (GWI) Prize, on Machine Learning and Urban Coastal Street Flooding (Part I)

In November, the Global Water Initiative held its second Graduate Water Colloquium, bringing together some 40 graduate students and faculty who study water-related questions at UVA. Graduate students in systems engineering, environmental engineering, environmental science, and architecture presented their work. The effort was led by Teresa Culver and Maria…

By Peter Debaere-

Q&A with Kaveh Madani about complex human-nature systems

Kaveh Madani, the Henry Hart Rice Senior Fellow at the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies of Yale University, is an environmental scientist, educator, and activist with expertise in modeling and analyzing complex human-nature systems.  He has previously served as the Deputy Vice President of Iran in his…

By Teresa Culver-
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Q&A with Mushfiq Mobarak on the elite capture of deep wells and the challenge of fighting arsenic in groundwater

Bangladesh’s water history is one of unintended consequences. What initially looked like a success story became a nightmare. After international organizations and the Bangladeshi government had supported a shift away from polluted surface water to groundwater use in the 1980s, arsenic was discovered in the groundwater of many rural…

By Peter Debaere-
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How Can the Small Investor Help Finance Solutions for Water Scarcity

Many areas of the world are grappling with water scarcity due to changing environmental conditions (droughts, climate change, etc.) and increased consumption, as well as poor water quality related to changing demands, pollution and lacking infrastructure.  Current models forecast water stress in many areas of the world in the years…

By Mary Margaret Frank-