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Top Leaders, Students Discuss Global Challenges in Second Year of UVA Tri-Sector Leadership Fellows Program

Cross-sector leadership means being able to predict how those from other disciplines will approach a problem, understanding why they approach it that way, and being able to inform strategic decisions with knowledge of those other disciplines, according to Morgan Lingar, a graduate student fellow participating in the University of…

By Laura Hennessey Martens-
Events & Activities, Tri-Sector Leadership

An Interview with Former Tri-Sector Leadership Fellow, Mint Kanokrat Namasondhi

What do some of our world’s most complex problems have in common? (Think natural disaster relief or global climate change, for example). For starters, these types of challenges cannot be adequately addressed without engaging and collaborating across multiple sectors – government, business and non-profit – solving them, together. This means…

By Laura Hennessey Martens-
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Darden 2015 Business in Society Conference Highlights Public-Private Partnerships

The Darden School’s Business in Society Conference is an annual event that brings together a diverse audience of students, community members and business leaders to discuss the role of business in providing lasting value in an increasingly complex global society. This year’s conference theme is Public-Private Partnerships…

By Maggie Morse-
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Why Do Leaders Act Unethically?

The Leadership Working Group at the Batten School of Public Policy recently organized a pan-University Leadership speaker series, co-sponsored by IBiS.The kick-off event for this series — a panel Why Do Leaders Act Unethically? — will be held on Tuesday, November 27, from 12:30-2 pm at…

By Lisa Stewart-