By Anelle Mensah

Roshini Rajan (Class of 2017)

Roshini Rajan, originally from Mysore, India, attended the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, where she earned a Bachelor of Technology degree in 2012. Following graduation, she worked as a member of the technology team at Goldman Sachs at Bangalore, India and New York City. Her interest in Darden developed when she learned of the school’s prestige and decided to apply after speaking to a colleague at Goldman Sachs who previously attended Darden. Roshini connected to the Darden network in India by attending an admissions/alumni reception and case discussion, led by Marc Johnson, Darden’s Executive Director of Global Affairs.

Since enrolling at Darden, Roshini  has prioritized involvement in global academic and extracurricular activities.  She currently serves as President of the Global Business and Culture Club (GBCC), which strives to connect multicultural backgrounds and the diverse experiences of Darden students. The current membership of the Global Business and Culture Club stands at more than 350 students, including students who are members of Darden’s international affinity clubs and also members of just GBCC. During her first year, Roshini helped to organize the 2015 International Food Festival and also performed a traditional Indian dance at the event. “The Food Festival is so big and people love it. The number of people that have told me that it’s their favorite event at Darden has been very rewarding,” she shared.

Following her involvement in GBCC during her first year, Roshini pursued an official leadership position with the organization. “I wanted something that was fun, but also had a lot of impact,” Roshini said.

As President of GBCC during her second year at Darden, Roshini continues to implement both social and community-building initiatives for the club. Under her leadership, the GBCC developed a Global Week this year around the 2016 Food Festival which consisted of nine events including a live painting performance and exhibition with the Darden African Business Organization, a tea tasting with the Asia Business Club at Darden, an Indian dance workshop, and several discussions about global career paths, leveraging diversity and cross-cultural understanding.

The Global Business and Culture Club demonstrates Darden students’ commitment to developing themselves and their peers as global leaders who seek to make an impact in the world. “International affinity clubs organize a lot of activities on their own and the Global Business and Culture Club brings those clubs together and creates a platform for the clubs to work together and collaborate. All students are welcome and encouraged to join to learn more about other cultures or to pursue a global career and network,” said Roshini.

This spring, GBCC will partner with Net Impact for Global Impact Week and will organize a special Cold Call and yoga session. The GBCC also strives to support international students and will launch a new alumni mentorship program next year.

According to Roshini, one of the GBCC’s challenges for the years ahead involves ensuring that the Darden community remains fully connected. However, the club continues to make strides in better integrating the community through the programming that it offers. “We created a cultural training session and brought in speakers for Global Week who talked about working with people from different backgrounds more productively and with openness.” Roshini stated.

Outside of the Global Business and Culture Club, Roshini continues to develop her own global perspectives  through Darden’s Worldwide Courses. In her first year, she traveled to Sweden and is  participating  in the European Union course led by Dean Beardsley this spring. Her decision to travel to Sweden stemmed from her desire to explore a new country, develop deeper relationships with her peers, and her professional interests in entrepreneurship and technology, part of the course’s theme. Once she arrived in Sweden, Roshini realized the significance of Sweden’s sustainability practices within the country.  “I was surprised by how much sustainability and being green is ingrained in the country. It’s very much a part of their culture and the society seems to fully embody the concept,” she reflected.

This March, Roshini will travel to the European Union and looks forward to the various learning opportunities and cultural experiences that await her. “It will be a huge learning opportunity to be able to interact with the companies lined up for the visit and the Dean,” Roshini said.

Roshini and her peers on the Sweden Darden Worldwide Course.
Global Week participants gathered for First Coffee in PepsiCo Forum to kick off the week’s activities.