By Rishabh Bansal (Class of 2018)

Holi – the festival of colors is the South Asian festival of spring. The occasion marks the incoming of spring and is celebrated with vibrant colors, good music, food, and of course friends.

This year, the Darden South Asia Society celebrated Holi on 26 April. Though this is almost a month after the actual festival in India, Charlottesville weather did not permit us to celebrate the festival earlier than late April.  The event featured over 150 lbs of color in shades of blue, pink, red, yellow, and more, Samosas – a traditional and well-loved Indian finger food – and groovy music by a young U.Va. DJ!

What more can one ask for?

The event although started off gracefully with students smearing color over each other – making sure we all looked as multi-color and multi-ethnic as possible – however, soon water guns came out, and people were left to drenching each other in water fights.