Last Thursday, Darden’s Asia Business club at Darden (ABCD) and Net Impact Club co-hosted a Cold Call to celebrate Lunar New Year. ABCD’s VP of Communications and one of the celebration’s organizers, Johnny Cao (Class of 2018) shared a few thoughts and photos of the event and what it means to celebrate it at Darden:

ABCD was very proud to host the Lunar New Year’s celebration this year for the Darden School of Business. As a club boasting 100+ members from various Asian ethnic backgrounds, both domestic and international, and students interested in Asia, this event brought the community together.  Students of Asian cultural background make up approximately 15% of each class at Darden and this event is a great way to showcase and share our culture. Lunar New Year at Darden is an incredible opportunity to honor the students from China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and many other countries.  The festival is held on the first day of the new moon, and decorations in red and gold are put up to signify “good fortune,” “happiness” and “longevity”.