The 4th annual India Innovation Forum was held on 21-22 July this year in Bengaluru. Organized by Northwest Education, the India Innovation Forum (IIF) is a platform to engage in dialogue on innovation and aims to bring together individuals who are at the forefront of innovation across industries. The forum was attended by thought leaders from the education, technology, finance and manufacturing sectors to discuss and collaborate on innovation within and between sectors. Saras Sarasvathy, Darden’s Paul Hammaker Professor of Business Administration, taught a Masterclass session on Innovation and Entrepreneurship to event attendees.

During her Masterclass Session, Sarasvathy shared insights on the elements of entrepreneurial expertise and demonstrated her key findings using a variety of companies, such as Airbnb, as examples of effectual logic. Sarasvathy presented her groundbreaking research on the use of effectual strategies that spans multiple countries and historical eras and challenges the conventional wisdom of founding a company using predictive strategies. She also conducted an impromptu interview of a successful local entrepreneur, PC Musthafa of iD Fresh Food, to illustrate effectuation in action. In true Darden style, the session was highly interactive, aimed at providing participants with practical learnings and takeaways they could incorporate into their work and lives.