(Photo above: Paul Hamaguchi (third from left; MBA ’70), Darden’s first graduate from Japan, hosted the group for dinner in Tokyo with Takahisa Koitabashi (MBA ’93), partner and COO at Phronesis Partners, and Seiji Kiyohara (MBA ’89), regional president-Japan at American Express International.)

In September and October, Ed Freeman, Elis and Signe Olsson professor of business administration and academic director of the Institute for Business in Society, Marc Johnson (EMBA ’13), senior executive director for global affairs and enterprise initiatives, and Kara Mullins, vice president for advancement, traveled across Asia engaging with Darden alumni and prospective students, connecting with corporate partners and meeting with local executives. These events took the form of admissions and alumni receptions, a lunch with local finance and investment leaders hosted by Joaquin Rodriguez Torres (MBA ’01), several private dinners and public thought leadership events, among others.  Freeman, a global expert in stakeholder theory and business ethics, spoke in several venues about his groundbreaking work on creating purpose-driven organizations and the new story of business for the 21st Century. Freeman engaged with senior executives at the Ayala Group in the Philippines, the Asia Pacific Institute for Strategy in Hong Kong, and Darden and UVA alumni. In addition, the Darden representatives hosted receptions for prospective students considering the Darden MBA, highlighting the Darden Indonesia Fellowship and Philippines scholarship in those countries.

Freeman led case discussions on business ethics with alumni and prospective students in Tokyo at the offices of e-Jan Networks, hosted by Founder and CEO Shiro Sakamoto (MBA ’95).


Joaquin Rodriguez Torres (MBA ’01), Managing Partner at Princeville Global, center, hosted Professor Freeman for a luncheon in Hong Kong with local executives from technology, executive search and investment firms. The group heard from Freeman on his latest work and discussed trends they are seeing in Greater China.


In Manila, Darden hosted a reception with alumni and prospective students.
UVA and Darden alumni in Jakarta gathered for a luncheon with Marc Johnson and Kara Mullins.
Freeman presented to local executives at the Asia Pacific Institute for Strategy (APIFS) at the Hong Kong Convention Center. Naresh Kumra (MBA ’99; pictured on the far left) and Dr. Mark Lee, research director at APIFS (pictured in the middle) were instrumental in planning the engagement.