Around the World with Darden Art

By Lauren Wallace-

Yesterday, the Center for Global Initiatives unveiled the 30 winning photographs from the 2019 DART Project.

Representatives from the Shelter for Help in Emergency introduced SHE to the Darden community at First Coffee

The Darden Art Project (DART) is an initiative that highlights the Darden community’s global experiences in which Darden students, alumni, faculty and staff may submit photographs of places and people from all over the world.

After being displayed in the Darden classroom building and Café 67 for one year, the photographs are sold and proceeds are donated to a charity chosen by the Graduate Women in Business (GWIB), whose members manage the sale process. This year, proceeds will be donated to the Shelter for Help in Emergency (SHE).

DART continues annually with a new set of photographs solicited, hung and sold each winter. Be sure to check out the unveiled DART photos in person in the Classroom building and Café 67!