In May 2019, Darden’s Class of 2020 Executive MBA student Steve Roe ventured to the southern hemisphere to dive into the Argentinian Porteño culture. Offered as an elective, Steve Roe was excited to visit Argentina for his very first time. After learning about the various economic challenges Argentina faces in his Global Economics & Markets class the prior quarter, Steve was excited to learn more firsthand. In his own words:

Doing Business in Argentina doesn’t mean spending days experiencing local Malbecs, it means doing business. In just a week, I grasped not only contrasts between Argentina and other Latin American societies, but the country’s rich cultural history and how the significant informal markets work. I also learned the conditions and challenges formal businesses face in Argentina with their own government policies and global economic pressures. I had the opportunity to meet with the CEO of San Miguel to learn about the challenges facing fruit and vegetable production and exportation and also pitch some ideas to address those very challenges.  

Steve Roe presents on behalf of his group in Argentina.