Ameya Bhattacharya (photographed on the right, above, with a classmate in Brazil), a member of Darden’s Class of 2020, is spending this summer interning with McKinsey and Co. Before heading down to Atlanta, she wrapped up her first year at Darden by participating in Darden’s Global Immersion Course to Brazil, led by Darden Professor Raj Venkatesan.  Ameya, who came to Darden from India and previously worked at IBM, took a few moments to share her thoughts on the course to Brazil. In her own words:

The Brazil Darden Worldwide Course has been an experience to remember! Never before have I imbibed so much of the personality of a place I visited. The key, I believe, was balancing the correct amounts of culture, economics, politics and business in a single course. Having interacted with local leaders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, politicians, MBAs and future MBAs, it definitely feels like I experienced the country inside and out. While most days were packed with company visits, tours and chats, the local food walks and museum tours had an enormous impact on me too!

Also, who knew traveling all the way to South America would give me this amazing opportunity to get to know some of my classmates so much better? While I love my section (Section D for life!), Brazil was a uniquely set up 10-day chance to become better friends with a lot of familiar faces!

I would LOVE to go on more Darden Worldwide courses and experience the Brazil magic all over again.