The Darden African Business Organization (DABO) hosted its third annual Africa Business Week at Darden. Among a full schedule of speaking engagements and cultural showcase events, this year’s Africa Business Week also included Leadership Speaker Series keynote Mossadeck Bally, chairman and CEO of Azalaï Hotels Group.

Meti Aberra (Class of 2020), president of DABO, explains how Africa Business Week impacts the Darden community:

Africa Business Week plays a huge role as it brings forward business leaders and entrepreneurs who can give us a clearer understanding of some of the dynamics at play in various African nations. It dispels the notion that all the African nations are of a singular nature with respect to their business environments, governance, people and cultures….Given that the continent has the fastest growing population and markets, it is very likely that many of our classmates will spend a portion of their careers there, and our mission as an organization is to ensure that our classmates are exposed to an accurate representation of these places and the opportunities and challenges they present.

Some highlights of the week included two panel events with entrepreneurs and leaders from across the continent, an East Meets West in Africa conversation facilitated by Darden professor Dennis Yang, and a Globetrotters event featuring Ethiopia and Zimbabwe, an initiative co-sponsored by the Global Business and Culture Club which seeks to showcase the various cultural and national identities among Darden students from all around the globe.

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