Prior to earning his MBA at Darden in 1995, alumnus Pablo Garcia Barnetche completed his undergraduate degree at Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina. He then worked at FMC Corp. in Philadelphia before returning to Buenos Aires, where he currently resides and serves as director at agricultural technology company Agrositio. With over 20 years of experience with Agrositio, Pablo specializes in marketing, sales and strategic planning, and recently shared the key to his leadership philosophy: teamwork. 

I am a firm believer in teamwork. Knowing how to listen to other people’s opinions and ideas, knowing how to delegate and, most importantly, being ready to learn from the other team members are keys to achieving big goals.

My experience at Darden helped me understand that there is always much to learn from the people we work with. Everyone in the team has something valuable to teach, so we should listen. Always. I try to keep this in mind every day, at work, and at home.

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