Three years ago, Asia Business Club at Darden (ABCD) hosted Darden’s first-ever Asia Week. After three years of smashing success, ABCD decided to raise the bar once again. This year, they decided to end the week’s activities with an Asia Gala Night. This inaugural event was marked with many festivities including live entertainment, music, food and drinks.

Members of the Darden Community honored Asia Week through musical and talent performances. Performances included an Asian pop remix, Bollywood LIT, Vietnamese singing, stand-up comedy and guitar reflections among others. Before performances, participants enjoyed classic Asian cuisine of dumplings and rice noodles, and traditional Asian music.

With the performances drawing to an end, ABCD ended the night with a runway event and a step-and-repeat activity. Thereafter, participants enjoyed a mixer with music. See below for more pictures from the Gala!