The Center for Global Initiatives unveiled the winning photos from the 2022 DART Project at First Coffee this morning. The Darden Art Project (DART) is an annual contest which invites students, faculty, staff and alumni to submit photos for a chance for their photo to be featured on Darden’s walls for the year to come. Each year, hundreds of photo submissions are submitted, but only 30 photos are selected as winners. After display in the Darden Classroom Building and Café 67 for one year, the photographs are sold and then the proceeds are donated to a charity chosen the Graduate Women in Business (GWIB).

The sale for last year’s photos will take place tomorrow, April 29th, in the South Lounge from 9 AM to 2 PM, and will be managed by members of GWIB. All proceeds will be given to the Shelter for Help in Emergency (SHE). Please stop by to see the winning photos and also to check out the outgoing photos for sale. We hope to see you there!

Below, we have included a slide-deck with just a few of the 2022 winning photos for your enjoyment.

Photo Credit: Benpei Cao

Photo Credit: Tomas Barriga

Photo Credit: Matthew Hazelgren

Photo Credit: Jake Berlin

Photo Credit: Oliver Schaer