Round 2 Decisions are Out!

Round 2 decisions have been released! Please check your e-mail for a message indicating a change in your application status, or you can log into the application system to view your decision.

Congratulations to the newly admitted students to the Class of 2017!

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Round 2 Decision Day is Tomorrow!

Round 2 Decision Day is tomorrow! We are very excited for the incoming Class of 2017. Get ready for your #FirstFirstCoffee.

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Faculty Profile: Saras D. Sarasvathy


mbaMission, an MBA admissions consulting firm, recently profiled Darden Professor Saras D. Sarasvathy in its blog.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Students we interviewed feel that Sarasvathy, who has been an associate professor at Darden since 2004, is one of the up-and-coming scholars of entrepreneurship in the world. One alumnus described her to mbaMission as “very encouraging, supportive. She allows people to share ideas rather than looking for the right answer.” Another told us that he found himself in her “Starting New Ventures” class by mistake; he had lingered too long in the classroom after his previous class had ended and was still there when Sarasvathy’s class began. He was so impressed by her teaching that he added her course to his schedule, even though he was already overloaded.

You can read the entire profile about Saras on the mbaMission blog.

Darden is proud to have top-notch faculty members such as Saras. To learn more about Darden’s faculty, check out the Faculty section of our website.

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Rd 3 Application Tips Webinar

Are you applying to Darden in Round 3? The 1 April deadline is quickly approaching. If you have questions about your application or the admissions process, join us Tuesday, 24 March 2015 for a Q&A session with a Darden Admissions Committee member. Come get your questions answered, and make sure your application is the best it can be.

Tuesday, 24 March, 2015
12:30 p.m.–1:30 p.m.

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Spring Break Update

Spring has finally arrived! In celebration, here is a quick update from MBA Admissions Dean Sara Neher.

Video: Admissions Blog: Spring Break Update

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Admissions Talk Show — Ep. 2: Design Thinking

MBA Admissions Dean Sara Neher recently sat down to chat with Darden Faculty Member Jeanne Liedtka, one of the world’s foremost experts on Design Thinking. During their time together, they discussed: what Design Thinking is, why it is relevant to business, and how you can practice it at Darden.

“Design thinking,” said Jeanne, “is a different process for making a decision that really focuses on the creation of great ideas. So instead of just ‘how to test hypotheses,’ a lot of design thinking is, ‘how to we get inspired to come up with much more creative hypotheses in the first place?'”

Jeanne teaches a variety of classes about Design Thinking for First and Second Year students, including a week-long class in Barcelona, as well online courses through Darden’s Executive Education program.

To watch the full interview, and learn more about Design Thinking, check out the video below.

Video: Admissions Talk Show – Ep. 2: Design Thinking

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Love is Love Campaign

Last week, Pride at Darden — a student-run LGBTQ awareness and education club — promoted the annual Love is Love campaign, consisting of a week of events designed to celebrate love in all of its many forms. As described by Pride at Darden:

The Love is Love campaign is a celebration of love that is meant to create greater social awareness at the University of Virginia and beyond. The power of its message is found in its simplicity. It is a message that can span all communities. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and community-affiliation, true, committed relationships between adults are founded in love. All relationships are equal. All love is equal. Love is Love. It’s not about what it looks like; it’s about how it feels.

The Love is Love campaign [was] scheduled for the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, a holiday that often overlooks members of the LGBTQ community through heterosexist traditions, advertising, and greeting cards. It is also designed to help correct the common misconception that same-sex partnerships and relationships are simply based on sex and sexual attraction with no real feeling or emotion involved. It is meant to represent progress from the past and remind us of how far we still have to go.

It’s a simple message, but one that bears great meaning. Love comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties. Just because it looks differently, doesn’t mean it feels differently or should be treated differently. In the end, LOVE IS LOVE.

Love is Love 2015

Brandon Chinn, the president of Pride at Darden, was very pleased with this year’s turnout: “The response has been great! We have hit max capacity for all our events, and we had a record number of people in the Darden community come out for the photo.” (pictured above)

Darden seeks to be a welcoming community to all of our students, and movements like the Love is Love campaign are a testament to how well the students have adopted that mission as their own.

To learn more about the different clubs and organizations at Darden, check out the club directory on our website.

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Darden Alum Reinvents the Snow Shovel

Darden Alumni are always up to interesting things. Take, for example, the story of Phil Davis (MBA ’85), whose invention may just revolutionize the snow shovel industry. We have posted an excerpt of his story below.

Darden Alum Reinvents the Snow Shovel

Phil Davis (MBA '86)

Phil Davis (MBA ’86)

Virginia received several inches of snow [Monday, 16 February], leaving many in the Charlottesville area with the unhappy task of snow removal [the next] morning.

Traditional snow shoveling, however, may become a thing of the past thanks to Phil Davis, an alumnus of the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. He is the inventor of “The Pushel,” which, according to his website, is the “first major innovation in snow shovel design in over 100 years.” (You can order it through his website for $49.95, plus shipping and handling.)

We talked to Davis about his time at Darden, his latest invention and being an entrepreneur.

Q. What drew you to the Darden School of Business?

A. I was initially recruited to Stanford and then heard about U.Va. I started out at law, but switched to Darden. I was in a Darden marketing class and thought, “This is it.”

Read the full article on the UVA News website.

Do you have an idea for the next great invention? Darden can foster your entrepreneurial spirit through resources such as the iLab Incubator or the Batten Institute. Check out our website to learn more.

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Women at Darden Follow Up

For the past six weeks, we have been celebrating 50 years of women at Darden here on the Admissions Blog. We are incredibly proud of our female student and alumnae population, and all that they have accomplished.

At the same time, we also recognize that women are still underrepresented in the business world, as depicted by the graph below.

Source -

Source –

Because of this, we are proud to be a partner school of the Forté Foundation, whose goals are to:

  • Show how careers in business can be philosophically rewarding
  • Prepare women and get them excited for business school
  • Provide access to decision influencers like admissions professionals, corporate recruiters, and business leaders
  • Highlight and promote inspiring role models to build women’s confidence

As a member school, Darden has the opportunity to select several Forté Fellows in each class. Being a Forté Foundation Fellow grants you access to many unique resources. In addition to the financial support, Fellows gain exposure to leading companies in the Forté network. They also gain an immediate network of Fellows that extends beyond their individual business schools. Darden usually has approximately 30–40 Fellows during any given year.

We hope you will take the opportunity to explore all of the opportunities the Forté Foundation offers to women in business, as well as the additional resources Darden has specifically for women.

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50 Years of Women at Darden — Part 6

Continuing our series celebrating 50 years of women at Darden, this week we feature Veneka Chagwedera (MBA ’13), a woman who turned her kitchen hobby into an entrepreneurial enterprise.

Veneka Chagwedera — Buy a Bar, Feed a Child

Veneka Chagwedera (MBA '13)

Veneka Chagwedera (MBA ’13)

While working for a Southeast Asian nonprofit, Veneka Chagwedera (MBA ’13) started making healthy energy bars to keep her going during her field trips to remote areas. When she returned to the United States to begin business school, she continued experimenting with ingredients, with the aim of crafting a satisfying snack bar without preservatives or added chemicals.

Chagwedera soon realized her “kitchen hobby had business potential.” With a grant from the University of Virginia i.Lab Business Incubator (housed at Darden) and support from
Darden alumni and faculty, she launched NOURIBAR as a Second Year student in 2012. Having never run a business before, she relied on the guidance of several entrepreneurial faculty experts, including Professors Saras Sarasvathy and Jeanne Liedtka.

Read Veneka entire story in the latest issue of the Darden Report.

To learn more about resources and opportunities Darden provides specifically for women, please visit the Women at Darden page on our website.

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