Sit in on an Executive MBA Class!

Interested in the executive formats of the Darden MBA? Do you want to experience the case method firsthand? Curious about our classroom space in Rosslyn or want to get a feel for the Darden grounds in Charlottesville? You are in luck! We just posted our class visits for late September/early October on our Visit page.

Visit options are available in both Charlottesville and the DC area later this month, and during a visit, and participating students will have an opportunity to attend class, connect with current students, and join our students for lunch. For available days and times, please see the link below:

Of course, if these visit options do not work with your schedule, do not worry. There will be additional visit options in the coming months. Stay tuned!

As always, if you have any questions about visiting or our executive formats generally, please send us an email at We also encourage you to schedule a conversation and attend an event.

We hope you are able to join us!

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Darden in India

by Kristen Egan, Associate Director of Admissions

Darden alums in Bangalore with Dean Beardsley and Marc Johnson (From left to right: Dean Beardsley, Gokul Chandraskaran, Guarav Agarwal, Krishnan Srinivasan, Marc Johnson)

Darden alums in Bangalore with Dean Beardsley and Marc Johnson (From left to right: Dean Beardsley, Gokul Chandraskaran, Guarav Agarwal, Krishnan Srinivasan, Marc Johnson)

It is an exciting time of year for our team as we hit the globe to connect with prospective students, reconnect with alumni and share the Darden experience along the way. As I write this our team is truly spread across the world – Spain, Brazil, Taiwan, Texas, California, DC and of course Charlottesville to welcome our visitors. And between every boarding pass and gate check we’re reminded of how global our community is and how lucky we are to welcome students from all over the world to Darden for such a transformative experience.

Mumbai Reception

Darden alumni reconnecting in Mumbai. (From left to right: Kavita Sanganeria, Akshay Mittal, Himanshu Wardhan, Amit Chakarabarty)

I recently had the opportunity to return to India with my colleague Marc Johnson, Executive Director for Global Affairs at Darden. This time we had a special VIP with us – Dean Beardsley. We had a jam packed schedule between alumni and admissions receptions in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi that included meetings with alumni, education partners, corporate executives, education consultants, journalists and a few pit-stops to enjoy some sights in India.

SP Jain

Meeting with representatives at SP Jain Institute of Management & Research in Mumbai.

Having the opportunity to travel with Dean Beardsley a year into his leadership role was exciting and inspiring. He reminded prospective students and alumni that education is the one thing that can take you from anywhere to anywhere and shared his own personal journey in choosing Darden following 26 years with McKinsey & Co. You can check out his Top 20 Reasons to Choose Darden here. During media interviews I heard more about his overarching goal to attract, develop, and retain great people and align them to a greater mission. He is motivated by Darden’s mission and by the positive impact our alumni are doing in their fields and communities—reflecting our mission through their leadership.

Delhi Alumni

Post reception dinner in Delhi with alumni. (From left to right: Hasmeeth Uppal, VN Dalmia, Akash Premsen, Dean Beardsley, Marc Johnson)

You can learn more about what our alumni are doing and how their experience at Darden helped them get there by reaching out to one of our alumni ambassadors. If you’re interested in hearing from some of our current students from India, join us for a webinar on Friday, 7 October at 9:00 AM ET where current students will share more on life at Darden (Register Here) or reach out to a student ambassador in the meantime.

Ajit Sahgal

Marc Johnson with Darden’s first India alum Mr. Ajit Sahgal – class of ’77.


There were too many stories from the week to capture in one blog post, but check out a few of our pictures throughout and below the post for some of the highlights from our time in India. We look forward to our return!

Darden UVA Team

Darden alumni and UVA representatives at alumni gathering in Delhi hosted by Chapter President Akash Premsen.

Go Hoos!

VN Dalmia ’84 welcoming us to his home and showing his UVA pride.

A rickshaw ride through Old Delhi.

A rickshaw ride through Old Delhi.

Enjoying lunch at Bukhara in Delhi.

Enjoying lunch at Bukhara in Delhi.

A reception for Dean Beardsley at Chapter President Akash Premsen’s home (From left to right: Kristen Egan, Akash Premsen, Dean Beardsley, VN Dalmia, Marc Johnson)

A reception for Dean Beardsley at Chapter President Akash Premsen’s home (From left to right: Kristen Egan, Akash Premsen, Dean Beardsley, VN Dalmia, Marc Johnson)

Dean Beardsley connecting with alumni in Delhi.

Dean Beardsley connecting with alumni in Delhi.

Chapter President Akash Premsen with his family, wife Himani and daughter Devika sporting her Darden gear.

Chapter President Akash Premsen with his family, wife Himani and daughter Devika sporting her Darden gear.

World Peace Gong at Gandhi Smriti.

World Peace Gong at Gandhi Smriti.

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Women at Darden: Meet Maeve McGilloway

 This week is a very exciting one for women at Darden. We kicked off the week with the Women at Darden Open House, where prospective students got to visit classes, talk with current students, and hear from Senior Associate Dean and Global Chief Diversity Officer Melissa Thomas-Hunt. Later this week, Darden’s Graduate Women in Business club will host its annual conference.

Leading GWIB this year is President Maeve McGilloway (MBA ’17). Prior to her time at Darden, Maeve worked in Financial Services at JP Morgan Chase & Co in New York, and after graduation she will be join Deloitte for consulting. We asked Maeve a few questions about her time at Darden, her experience with GWIB, and more. We hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about our community through Maeve’s eyes.

During the application process, when did you know that Darden was going to be the place for you?

Having gone to a smaller school in a non-urban location for undergrad I knew I thrived in smaller settings and communities where I could get to know my classmates and professors and where there was more of an on campus (or I guess I should say on “grounds”) experience, so I was pretty targeted on smaller, tight-knit schools like a Darden, Fuqua or Tuck.

When I first visited Darden I went on a tour of grounds and my tour guide could barely walk down the hallway or finish a sentence without a section mate, friend or faculty member stopping by to chat or say hello. In retrospect this was a brief moment in passing, but it really embodied the community at Darden and it became so obvious that this was the very tight-knit and intimate group that I wanted to be part of.  People always say business school is about networking and I think we should be aware of getting to know, and networking with, our own classmates and peers too, as those are the people I will probably be calling for jobs and career advice 10 to 15 years from now!

 Once you got here, what was one thing that surprised you about Darden?

This may seem cliché, but honestly it is the people. I won’t do this justice, but never before have I met such talented, supportive and helpful classmates and friends.  I remember during my second week of school one of my classmates, on his own merit and free time, volunteered on his Saturday to tutor our class on a Decision Analysis problem set.  I never felt that people are cutthroat at Darden –  if anything they have been more friendly and cooperative than I could have ever imagined.  From practicing cases to planning section events, the typical Darden student is so willing to embrace this community and give back on so many different levels.  While I had always heard about this, witnessing the people and the student-run environment is way more surprising and impressive than I could have ever imagined.  I wish I knew Admissions’ secret!

Tell me more about GWIB and your role. What sort of things does the club do throughout the year? How does your position play a role in that?

I am the President of the Graduate Women in Business Club and while I am not in charge of one specific component of the club, like Academics or Corporate Relations, I act as a program manager who oversees all the moving parts to make sure everything is cohesive and that we address all part of women’s and our members’ experience at Darden.

My role is to support the entire GWIB community to make sure we all are empowering and rallying Darden women to succeed academically, professional and socially to be effective both during and after their time at Darden!

What I love about the student-run atmosphere is that it is really up to us (i.e., club leadership) to determine our scope and set the direction for the year – we really have such autonomy to do what we think will be most impactful at Darden. This year we plan to continue all of the awesome programming from year’s past including our annual conference, spring formal, First and Second Year mentoring and alumni leadership speaker series.  That said, we also want to change things up; one example is having more social interactions across classes or building out better relationships with our male members (i.e., “men-bers”) to have more open dialogues that brings more awareness to gender-equity issues.

As President of the club I have a lot of high-level ideas and try to have a cohesive strategy of what I think will be meaningful to our members. Then it is up to me and my fantastic leadership board to deliver and execute on it.  In truth, my board is who makes things happen… they really deserve all of the credit!

What was it that initially drew you to pursue a leadership role in GWIB?

Admittedly, if this were a year ago I probably would have been too intimidated to assume a leadership position, but two of my classmates (who happen to be women) encouraged me to apply. This very act of my female classmates and colleagues encouraging and empowering me to get out of my comfort zone and assume this role is a testament to the strength of the GWIB network and community here at Darden.  I really wanted to give back to this unbelievable support network that helped me this past year or so.

You have the GWIB conference coming up – this year’s theme is Chart Your Course. What did you enjoy most about planning the conference? What part of it are you most looking forward to?

I really enjoyed having the flexibility to design the conference programs and schedule as we see fit, which has made it easy for us to execute on our vision. For example, a lot of us did not want our kickoff dinner to feel too formal or forced and therefore decided to host the event at a local restaurant that seemed more intimate and casual.  Little things like that where we get to set the direction and tone for the conference.

I am most looking forward to our keynote speakers who are both incredibly accomplished women in their respective fields and both happen to be UVa undergrads: Kristin von Ogtrop, the former editor of Real Simple, and Kate Moore, the Chief Equity Strategist at BlackRock.  Having met or heard both of these women previously, I think they are the embodiment of successful women who did their own thing (i.e., “chart your course”) and I am encouraged to see what insights and advice they have to share to our members!

Now that you’re into your second year at Darden, what is one thing you wish you’d known during the application process?

Talk to as many Darden students as you can! When I applied I was looking for names to put on my application to simply list off people that I spoke to, but I think if I had more thoughtful conversations I would have had more data points to really understand the Darden student profile and what makes the Darden student so unique.  I think the average Darden student’s willingness to make time for admitted and prospective students is a testament to just how helpful they are, and will be, when you come to Darden! 

What’s your favorite thing to do in Charlottesville?

I really enjoy the restaurants and bars at both the corner and downtown mall areas, and I am now exploring the Belmont area too. I think the blend of the undergrad corner scene with the more sophisticated downtown mall makes Charlottesville the perfect home for a late twenty-something.

My favorite restaurants include: Public Fish & Oyster, C&O Restaurant, Ten Sushi, and Continental Divide! 

Tell us one unexpected thing about yourself.

  • Despite being in business school, I am a huge history (namely U.S. President) fanatic and I would be lying if I said that Thomas Jefferson was not a factor in my decision to attend University of Virginia.
  • Although I am in a leadership position and really involved on grounds, I am actually pretty introverted.

This year we’re asking applicants to share their favorite film, book, or song on the application. What’s yours? (You only have to pick one!)

Good thing I did not have to apply when this was a question – it is hard to only pick one!

My favorite film is probably Forrest Gump, which I guess stems from my love for modern U.S. history.  I also really like the film’s 1960s soundtrack (which I guess partially answers the song question too).

If you’d like to get in touch with Maeve or any of the members of GWIB’s leadership team, you can find contact information here.

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Admissions Talk Show: Alumni Career Services

Last week, you read a guest post from Jen Coleman of Alumni Career Services. Jen recently sat down with Sara Neher on the Admissions Talk Show to go into more detail about the services that the Armstrong Center for Alumni Career Services provides to Darden alumni, and she even offers a quick interview tip for prospective students. Watch the full interview below.


Watch: Jen Coleman on Admissions Talk Show

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Webinar: Your Darden Application

As Darden’s Round 1 Application Deadline approaches on 4 October, we want to give you a chance to ask all your application questions! Join members of Darden’s admissions committee for an application Q&A session on Thursday, 29 September.

Application Q&A Webinar
Thursday, 29 September 2016
12:30 – 1:30 pm EST
Register Here

You may submit your answers ahead of time via the registration form (you can add them at any time by updating the form), or you may bring them with you day-of and type them into the chat box. We look forward to answering your questions!

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Spotlight On: Graduate Women in Business (GWIB)


We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight one of the most active student organizations at Darden, our chapter of Graduate Women in Business (GWIB).

Darden GWIB is an organization that connects, empowers, and celebrates the next generation of women leaders and helps build awareness of women in leadership positions.  From senior speaker series to golf lessons to volunteer opportunities, we offer a range of programs that engages our community – students, alumnae, faculty, and prospective students alike – throughout the entire year.  Our goal is to use education, coaching, networking, and mentoring to foster a lifelong community that enables and empowers Darden women to achieve their professional and personal aspirations, both during and after their time at Darden.

Below are some quotes from Darden First Years about their GWIB experience.

“GWIB definitely helped me feel like I was part of something bigger here at Darden. Their planed events helped me get to know the Charlottesville area and my fellow classmates on a deeper level.” – Sasha Kelemen, Class of 2017

Knowing there was a GWIB community supporting me was very empowering during my first year at Darden.  The tutoring sessions and encouraging notes from my mentor reminded me that there is this incredible network here for me no matter what.”  – Katherine Somerdyk, Class of 2017

GWIB is completely student-led and this year’s leadership board is diverse with women of all academic and professional backgrounds who bring a wide range of experience to the organization.  We encourage prospective students to reach out to members of the leadership team to learn more about GWIB and the resources for women at Darden!

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An Introduction to Alumni Career Services at Darden

Congratulations on your decision to pursue an MBA! Admittedly, I am envious that you have this experience ahead of you; this will surely be one of the best adventures of your life. My name is Jen Coleman, and I have the privilege of leading The Armstrong Center for Alumni Career Services here at Darden. Alumni Career Services provides degreed alumni with career coaching resources for life. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Darden alumni, this service is free of charge. This type of support is one of the many factors you might consider when you are choosing an MBA program. You will also certainly want to consider the quality of the alumni network.

When I say it is my privilege to lead Alumni Career Services, this includes the privilege to interact with Darden alumni every day. Darden alumni are consistently warm, articulate, genuine, and engaging – truly some of the most enjoyable people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. EQs are as high as IQs. Darden alumni care deeply about Darden and invest as much as they extract from their community. Darden alumni make up a community that you not only need, but that you’d truly want to be part of in support of your future career.

In addition to being extremely personable, Darden alumni are also extremely diverse – diverse not only in their backgrounds, but in their interests and pursuits as well. I have had the pleasure of working with alumni all over the world that are engaged in every type of business you can imagine – functions ranging from international development to healthcare policy; organizations ranging from startup breweries to global investment banks. Darden alums are consistently entrepreneurial, but apply that mindset in a wide array of environments. An MBA is by definition a generalist degree, and no matter what you intend to do with your degree, you will extract benefit from both your Darden education and the Darden alumni network for the rest of your life.

Finally, Darden alumni are well rounded. I love reading the last section of Darden resumes because I learn about all of the passions and interests that make Darden alumni unique. I am thoroughly impressed by the balance that Darden alumni prioritize in their lives – volunteerism, athletic achievements, community involvement, Board leadership, etc. Darden attracts the type of people that will enrich your experience as a student and beyond.

I hope you will continue to explore Darden and its extraordinary community. To learn more about Alumni Career Services and the benefits offered Darden alumni at all stages of their careers, please visit our website.

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Meet Darden Professor Mary Margaret Frank

Mary Margaret Frank is an Associate Professor of Business Administration in the Accounting department at Darden, and she is also the academic director for Darden’s Institute for Business in Society. But did you know she started college as an Art major?

Watch the below video to learn about what brought her into the business world, what she finds fascinating about the intersection of government, business and society, and why she didn’t land that far from her art roots after all.

Then, be sure to sign up for our Business in Society Open House next Monday, 12 September. At the open house, Mary Margaret will share more about Darden’s Institute for Business in Society and its mission, Admissions Committee members will share more about the admissions process, and you’ll have the change to sit in on a class and chat with current students and faculty members. You can sign up here or visit our website for other Open House dates. For the Business in Society Open House, please be sure to register by Thursday, 8 September.


Click to watch: Mary Margaret Frank Faculty Profile


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Darden’s Executive MBA Application is now live!

Our 2016-2017  Executive MBA Program application is now live! Our first application deadline is 10 October, but we offer a number of deadlines throughout the coming months. You can find more information about our EMBA/GEMBA application deadlines on our website.

Not sure where to start? Just beginning to think about an executive MBA? We encourage you to schedule a conversation with a member of our Admissions Committee!

Whether you’re trying to determine which format – EMBA or GEMBA – and location – Charlottesville or the DC area – are the best fit for you or you’re wondering how to talk with your company about financial support or you are simply curious to know if your background and experience would be a good fit for our executive formats, we are here to help in any way we can. Basically, if you have questions, we have answers, and no question is too small!

Ready to apply? You can start your application here.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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Forté Rising Stars: College Leadership Conferences for Women

Darden is committed to increasing the number of women who decide to attend business school. The residential MBA Class of 2018 boasts 39% women – the most women we’ve ever had in one class – and we are excited to see what these incredible women accomplish in their careers and their lives.

As part of our commitment to women in business, Darden partners with the Forté Foundation, a non-profit consortium of leading companies and top business schools working together to launch women into fulfilling, significant careers through access to business education, opportunities, and a community of successful women. Over the years, Forté has developed a number of ways to help women learn more about the MBA and a career in business.

But when should women start thinking about business school? Even though the average age in Darden’s residential program is 27, the process of applying to business school starts much earlier. In fact, Darden recently launched its Future Year Admissions program, a deferred-admission program, because we believe that it’s never too early to start thinking about business school. (Our FYA allows current undergraduate seniors and 5th year master’s degree students to get into Darden now, and matriculate after two, three, or four years of work experience. Interested, or know someone who might be? Learn more on our website.)

This year, college age women who are just starting their MBA research are in luck: The Forté Foundation is putting on two college conferences this summer. These free conferences will give you the opportunity to connect with standout peers, gain hands-on leadership experience and network with representatives from top companies and graduate schools. There is also a travel stipend for out-of-town participants.

Forté College to Business Leadership Conference
28 October 2016 – NYC

Forté College Fast Track to Finance Conference
4 November 2016 – Boston

We hope you will register and begin your MBA journey.

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