Upcoming Webinar: Diversity at Darden

Mark your calendars: Darden Admissions is back in the studio with a new webinar this week.

Diversity at Darden
Friday, 6 May 2016
1:30-2:30 pm
Register Here

Diversity comes in many forms, including race, ethnicity, thought, and professional background. During this webinar, Karen Ohen, Associate Director of Diversity Recruitment, will talk to two current Darden students about their business school experience so far, especially as it relates to all the different forms of diversity. This webinar will include a Q&A, so please bring your questions about the application process, business school, the job hunt, and more!

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Darden News Roundup – Week of 29 April

On Fridays, we round up some of the best Darden stories – from UVA and beyond! Check back each week to stay up to date on Darden’s highlights.

The Coke Bottle: The Plan to Use a Plant to Help the Planet
Darden Ideas to Action, 26 April 2016

Batten’s Innovators’ Roundtable Explores Role of Big Data Reshaping Industries
Darden News & Events, 25 April 2016

AHS students first high schoolers accepted to Darden i.Lab
Charlottesville Tomorrow, 21 April 2016

Cargill CEO Talks Sustainability, Ethics at UVA Darden
Darden News & Events, 21 April 2016

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Recruiting Tips for International Students

Admissions Dean Sara Neher is back in the studio with the Admissions Talk Show. In the latest edition, she chats with Denise Karaoli, Senior Associate Director of International Programs for the Career Development Center.

Sara’s interview with Denise is in two parts. In Part 1, Denise shares some information about the work she does to help international students get the jobs they want after graduation. In Part 2, she shares helpful tips for international students on how they can prepare for recruiting for their post-MBA career.


Watch: Part 1

Watch: Part 2

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Go Global: Darden’s Academic Opportunities Abroad

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the global opportunities within the Darden MBA. That is because business today is global – and so is Darden. The Darden School connects with over 80 countries each year through a variety of avenues, and all students are expected to have a global experience during their time at Darden. In the following video, you’ll hear from four Darden students about their trips to Cuba, Uganda, India and France. Learn more on Darden’s website : http://www.darden.virginia.edu/dcgi/


Watch the video: Go Global

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Darden Professor Morela Hernandez named one of Poets & Quants Best 40 Under 40 Professors

Poets & Quants named Darden Associate Professor Morela Hernandez one of their Best 40 Under 40 Professors.

Morela Hernandez-1366

On her favorite part of being a business school professor, Hernandez says:

“I’m in a profession that allows me to learn from others, including my students and colleagues. Throughout my academic career, I have often explored new literatures and methods to better understand various phenomena. I am deeply grateful for the intellectual freedom I have as a professor. Moreover, at Darden, I have the distinct privilege of working alongside world class instructors—who are not only exceptional educators, but also incredibly supportive mentors.”

You can read the full interview with Professor Hernandez here.


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Bonnie Xu Shares Her Thoughts on Darden’s Global Academic Programs

This post originally appeared on Global Voices of Darden. We encourage you to subscribe to Global Voices of Darden to stay up to date on global news and opportunities at Darden.

By Jessica Hirsch

Bonnie Xu (Class of 2016) embraced the opportunity to explore Darden’s global programs by attending Global Business Experiences (GBEs) in both Sweden and Spain, participating in the Cannes Film and Business Program in France, and going on a quarter-long exchange to Hitotsubashi University in Japan.

Although Xu decided to pursue her MBA degree abroad, since her native country is China,


Bonnie in Sweden on her Global Business Experience

“I’d never been to Europe before,” Xu said. “The EU is such a big economy, and I wanted to expose myself to that. I really benefited from the Darden network to be able to attend presentations and visit places like the U.S. Ambassador’s house that I wouldn’t have been able to arrange if I went on my own.”she had a desire to broaden her perspective and expand her worldview even further during her time at Darden. Her first global academic program through Darden was the “Sustainability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a Socially Oriented Society” GBE which traveled to Sweden last May. This program appealed to Xu because of its focus on sustainability and equality, as well as the different company visits and opportunities to meet entrepreneurs that the trip offered.

Following the GBE, Xu jumped right into another global experience with the Cannes Film and Business Program, which she chose because of its unique focus on art and film.

“The timing worked out perfectly for the Sweden GBE and Cannes program in France,” Xu said. “I needed a visa for France anyway, and Sweden took place only one week beforehand. The Cannes program introduced me to the movie industry. I didn’t always understand the business perspective or why certain movies had been nominated or won awards, but the program provided a lot of answers and insights.”

This past winter, Xu expanded her international travel from short-term GBEs to a quarter-long exchange at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, Japan.

“A larger portion of the classes in Japan were lecture based, and we learned more from the professor’s perspective,” Xu said. “It was different because at Darden, professors engage students and we mostly learn from our peers. I really enjoy hearing my classmates’ insights from different industries.”

Aside from the differences in classroom style, Xu encountered several cultural norms she had not expected, especially during her trip to the Western part of Japan, near Kyoto.

“It’s impressive how well culture is preserved in Japan,” Xu said. “The ancient Asian architecture is preserved for many of the temples and religious sites. This is very different from my own country.  I was also surprised that so many people still wore kimonos and other traditional clothing. I always had wanted to go to Japan but I never took action before this exchange.”


Bonnie enjoying a meal in Spain

Upon her return, Xu recently participated in the GBE to Barcelona, Spain, this past March.

“I had never been to a city with such interesting architecture,” Xu said. “For some of the buildings, I needed time to really digest and appreciate them, but some I liked at first glance.”

Xu feels that these opportunities for global exposure have greatly benefited her personally.

“I highly recommend that all Darden students take at least one GBE,” Xu said. “These programs provided me with skills and insights to leverage in future work environments. Learning about different countries and cultures helped me make connections with different types of people and work well in a team. The experience will help me view things from different perspectives, generate superior insights, and communicate more effectively to deliver better business results.”

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Don’t Forget: Darden at Forté’s Virtual Form Tomorrow

Forté Foundation’s Virtual Forum
Thursday, 7 April 2016
12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Register Here

Join Darden and other top business schools tomorrow at the Forte Foundation’s virtual forum for prospective MBA women. This online, chat-based forum is a great way to explore your business school options and get your questions answered without leaving home. Registration for this event is free.

Stop by Darden’s room any time from 12:00 – 3:00 pm to chat with members of the Admissions Committee. Whether you are planning to apply to an MBA program in the next year or are just starting your research, we would love to share more with you about the Darden experience.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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Weekly News Roundup – Week of April 1

Each week, we are rounding up some of the best Darden stories – from UVA and beyond! Check back on Fridays to stay up to date on Darden’s highlights.

UVA Darden Launches IDEA Course
Beat the GMAT, 30 March 2016

Darden’s Batten Institute Partners with Tom Tom Founders Festival, Brings World-Class Entrepreneurs and Ideas to Charlottesville
Bloomberg, 30 March 2016

Now Presenting: Leadership Presence
Darden Ideas to Action, 30 March 2016

UVA Darden Students Help Renovate 7 Local Homes and 2 Nonprofit Sites
Charlottesville Tomorrow, 29 March 2016

UVA Darden Executive MBAs Leave Legacy Through New Student Investment Fund
Darden News & Events, 28 March 2016

On Time: How the Past, Present and Future Can Impact Job Engagement
Darden Ideas to Action, 25 March 2016

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Spotlight On: The Institute for Business in Society

The Institute for Business in Society was established at the Darden School in 2011, with a goal of preparing leaders to positively impact society through business. The institute advances thought leadership and innovative practices through research, teaching, programs and convening events.


Watch Video: Institute for Business in Society

If this video sparked your interest, you can learn more about the Institute for Business in Society on our website. We will often also host a Business in Society Open House for prospective students in the fall, so keep an eye on our event calendar!

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One School Bus at a Time: Improving Education Infrastructure in Cameroon

Darden students and alumni are doing incredible things around the globe, and Jean-Marie Menga (MBA ’16) is no exception. With Darden Professor Bobby Parmar as a sounding board, Jean-Marie is committed to improving the education infrastructure in Cameroon, where he grew up. Learn more about what he is doing in the below video.

menga and parmar

Video: One School Bus at a Time

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