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DeMario Moore and Jen Bundy on Leading the Darden Student Association and Advocating for Students

The Case Method academic experience and tight-knit community pushes students to speak up and speak out, and that student-centric approach carries over outside the classroom as well. In addition to the the 50+ student clubs and organizations that offer leadership roles and creative outlets, the Darden Student Association…

By Maggie Dodson-
Academics, Darden Community

Unintended Consequences, Financial Recovery, Shadow Banking: An ‘Office Hours’ Conversation With Finance Professor Kinda Hachem

Global Economies and Markets Professor Kinda Hachem joined Darden Admissions for the latest installment of “Office Hours”, presented by Darden Ideas to Action. View the recording or check out an audio version by streaming the conversation on the Experience Darden or ExecMBA podcasts. Learn more about SPACs, GameStop and Bitcoin…

By Maggie Dodson-