Today, we continue our application tips video series with a few of Dawna Clarke’s top interview tips!

In this video, Dawna explores Darden’s interview approach and answers several common interview-related questions applicants often have like “Who will conduct my interview?” and “How can I best prepare for my Darden interview?”

Reflecting upon the importance of the interview in the admissions process, Dawna notes, “The interview offers us an opportunity to evaluate qualities that can be more difficult to assess from the application alone. For example, strong communication and interpersonal skills are important in business and at Darden. The interview gives us an opportunity to gain some insight into these characteristics, and it also allows us to evaluate things like first impression, presence, self-awareness and team-orientation.” Check out the full video for even more insights.

Editor’s Note: Today’s video was recorded at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard, one of the many wineries in the Charlottesville area. Interview advice with a view!