Today we continue our application tips video series with a few more of Dawna Clarke’s best resume tips. If you’re new to the series, be sure to also check out our previous posts on resumes and interviews

Your resume is more than just a statement of your work history. It is a space where you can highlight your leadership and impact as well as your global experiences. As Dawna notes, “While global exposure is not an admissions requirement, noting your international experiences [on your resume] can help set you apart…A growing number of recruiters love to see that Darden students have gained global skills, and, if you have compelling international experiences, you may want to create a section called “Global Exposure” to make sure they are evident to our Admissions Committee.”

Check out the full video for a few ways to feature your global background on your resume. And be sure to check out our ongoing Application Tips blog series for even more ways to strengthen and refine your application.