Darden has over 50 (!) student clubs. True story. In today’s post, we highlight Community Consultants of Darden, one of several clubs at Darden focused on community outreach. And be sure to check out the Student Clubs webpage for more information about the many clubs and organizations that shape the Darden student experience. 

What is Community Consultants of Darden?

Community Consultants of Darden (CCoD) is an independent, student-run, non-profit organization at the Darden School of Business. Since 1956, CCoD has provided strategic consulting services to local businesses, enabling students to use their business skills to impact the Charlottesville community.

Project teams are composed of approximately five first-year Darden students who are advised by a second-year student. Projects typically kick-off in December and run throughout the Spring semester.

Who does CCoD work with?

CCoD has engaged with a wide range of for-profit and non-profit firms in a variety of industries including retail, beverage, entertainment, technology and fitness. In choosing clients, the club prioritizes engagements that will be significantly impactful for both the client organization and CCoD team members.

What projects do you have planned for this year?

This year, CCoD will be assisting 10 businesses in the local community, including BreadWorks, Sun Tribe Solar and the TomTom Founders Festival.

BreadWorks is a local non-profit bakery that employs persons with physical and intellectual disabilities. CCoD will be helping BreadWorks create a growth plan and roadmap to financial sustainability by strengthening their competitive position in the local bakery market.

SunTribe Solar is a fast-growing commercial solar installer and financier. Since its founding in 2015, SunTribe has focused (quite successfully) on top-line growth. As the company continues to flourish, CCoD will evaluate and recommend an operating model and governance structure that will allow the business to scale.

The TomTom Founders Festival is a local organization dedicated to promoting arts, music and innovation. Since its founding in 2010, TomTom has been a potent source of entrepreneurial connections and economic development in the Charlottesville community. As the festival grows, the Executive Director and Board are examining the possibility of expanding the model nationally, while continuously improving existing operations. To support this goal, CCoD will be developing a playbook that defines leading operational practices and provides the practical basis for exploring expansion.

This is a small sample of the many projects CCoD delivers for the community. Projects and people change every year, but the desire to serve the local community has always been a constant at Darden and for our organization.