Working on an application for the Consortium’s 5 January deadline? Here are a few resources you may find helpful as you finalize your application:

Q&A with Marc Paulo Guzman, Associate Director for Diversity Recruitment

Q&A with Zakiah Pierre, Associate Director of Diversity Initiatives

Consortium Applicant Tips with Marc Paulo Guzman – Pt. 1 / Pt. 2

And be sure to check out our profiles of students in our recent Consortium cohorts:

Darren Constantine, ’19 – “I chose Darden because I wanted to be a part of the best business education experience in the world, and I knew the school was a place where I would have access to top companies in the technology and consulting industries. Looking back on my first year, I can confidently say that the professors exceeded my expectations, and I don’t think my internship search process could have gone any better.”

Kimberly Diaz, ’19 – “Darden is a place that will challenge you in every way. You will emerge as a stronger leader and individual because of your time here. Do your research and if it seems like a fit – go for it! It’s been a really great experience for me.”

Winfred Hills, MBA/MSDS, ’20 – “We are in the digital age, and, with explosion of the Internet of Things, data is only going to become more abundant. Those individuals who can not only wrangle that data but also offer valuable insights that can be monetized or provide a competitive advantage will be highly sought after. The knowledge obtained with the MBA/MSDS dual degree puts me and my classmates right at that intersection.”

Zhana Edmonds, ’19 – “My classmates are from all over the world and many did really cool things in their careers before coming to business school. I’ve learned so much from everyone here, both in terms of business but also life. The relationships I’ve been able to build with people from all different backgrounds has been truly amazing.”