We recently caught up with Darden Partner, Meghan Fogarty, about her experience in Charlottesville. Meghan is a Senior Associate with PwC and the partner of a Class of 2019 student. Check out Meghan’s answers below! And be sure to review our previous conversations with Darden Partners, Chloe Gonzalez and Sara Portman

How did you decide to move to Charlottesville? Where did you move from?

We worked together as a team to decide on which schools would be best for us both and Darden was one of them. We moved from Boston, MA to Charlottesville in August 2017.

What do you enjoy about Charlottesville?

I absolutely love Charlottesville! There is just so much to do. Some of my favorite activities include hiking in the nearby mountains, visiting new vineyards and breweries in the area, attending the Carter Mountain Sunset Series and going to Fridays after Five at the Pavilion on the Downtown Mall!

How has your experience been as a Darden Partner so far? 

My experience as a Darden partner has been incredible. The first year is definitely the hardest because our students are incredibly busy, but the Darden Partners Association (DPA) has played a crucial role in making my experience in Charlottesville so special. In the first few weeks of school, I was shocked at how busy my fiancé was and how rarely I saw him. Luckily, the DPA had a bunch of fun events planned that allowed me to bond with other partners that were in the same situation.

Have you found a new job in Charlottesville?

I was fortunate enough to find a remote job within my same company, PwC, prior to moving to Charlottesville. However, before securing my new position, I sent my resume to the DPA to be shared with a number of local businesses, and I had two potential job prospects. My preference was to stay with PwC, so I ultimately chose to take the remote position.

Do you intend to stay in Charlottesville after Darden graduation, or do you have other plans?

I would love to stay in Charlottesville longer, but we will be moving back to Boston after graduation. Both of our jobs and families are up north, so we are excited about moving back!