As previously noted, it’s summer internship interview season here at Darden! During this process, in addition to our Career Development Center’s general resources, our First Year students have two primary contacts for one-on-one career advising: a professional career advisor and a Second Year coach. Today, we catch up with Second Year coach, Sally Ra. And be sure to check out our earlier interview with Second Year coach, Aaron Harrill

Why did you decide to become a Second Year coach?

My interest is in Real Estate, and I wanted to help students who shared this interest navigate the job search process. In business school, Consulting, Banking and Technology tend draw a lot of career attention, and it was important to me to support and encourage students who had a different target industry and ensure they felt confident pursuing their passions.

How do you support students?

As a Second Year coach, I support First Year students in a lot of different ways. I guide them through the recruiting process and timeline. I connect them with Second Years who have landed roles that may be of interest. And I also help the students think through various situations that may arise throughout their first year.

What do you enjoy about the role?

I enjoy watching my students’ successes – from small victories to, of course, landing an internship!

What’s your best advice for First Year students as they prepare for interview season?

Do not underestimate the importance of your story and behavioral questions. Practice over and over and with multiple people. It’s easy to focus too much on technical preparation and overlook this important part of the interview process.

Any advice for prospective students as they consider Darden?

Darden is not just a great general management school. Students here are interested in a variety of industries, including real estate, healthcare, and energy. We need students with these passions to continue to join Darden and fuel growth!