Future Year Scholars is our deferred enrollment program for exceptional college students. Here’s how it works: Apply as a college senior or a fifth year master’s student. Start after two, three or four years of work experience. Did you know there is no application fee for Future Year Scholars applicants? True story. And this year, we have three application deadlines for Future Year Scholars applicants – 1 March (this Friday!), 1 May and 1 August. We offer these options as a convenience to our applicants, and we encourage you to target the deadline that aligns best with your timing and plans. 

Last night, we hosted a Future Year Scholars Showcase, and attendees had the opportunity to participate in a mock case discussion led by Professor Venkat, hear about the Darden experience from current students and learn more about the Future Year Scholars Program from Assistant Director of Admissions, Taylor Fisher.

Earlier today, we caught up with Taylor to talk more about the event – Check out his answers below! And keep an eye on our Future Year Scholars page throughout the coming months for additional opportunities to connect.

For you, what was the highlight of last night’s event? 

For me, the highlight of the Showcase was watching the undergraduate students participate in the case discussion led by Professor Venkat. It was a reminder of how individuals from all different types of backgrounds are given an opportunity to share their experiences in our classroom. I’m consistently impressed by our faculty and their ability to facilitate meaningful conversations regardless of the audience.

What is the value of visiting Grounds? 

I think it can be challenging to truly imagine what any experience “feels like” without putting yourself in the physical space where that experience occurs. This certainly holds true for graduate school. Visiting Darden provides an opportunity to get a sense for what it would be like to spend two years here. It also gives prospective students the chance to have meaningful interactions with different members of our community. These are both things that can be harder to do by simply reading through our website.

Any next steps you would like to highlight for prospective Future Year Scholars? 

For students interested in learning more about Darden and the Future Year Scholars Program, I encourage you to connect with some of our current students. They will be able to provide extremely valuable insights about the Darden experience. I would also recommend you continue using the Darden Admissions team as a resource. We want applicants to present the best and most authentic version of themselves during the application process, and we’re here to help! Pro Tip: Schedule a Future Year conversation and connect one-on-one with a member of our Admissions Committee.