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It’s Gender Equity Week!

By Brett Twitty-

The ‘Hoos are in the Final Four, and it’s Gender Equity Week here at Darden! Sponsored by our Graduate Women in Business (GWIB) club, the week kicked off this morning with a First Coffee (complete with pastries and the breaking of a glass ceiling!), and will feature a range of events throughout the coming days, including panel discussions, faculty presentations, conversations and a Darden Stories installment. Be sure to review the full schedule of events below (and catch up on our recent GWIB-related coverage)!

We sat down with Sophie Nosseir, GWIB’s Vice President of Admissions, to talk more about the week and what she’s enjoyed about serving on the GWIB Leadership Board. Check out Sophie’s answers below!

What is Gender Equity Week?

This year marks our second annual Gender Equity week! This is a week that creates space to talk about gender identity at Darden and elsewhere, and to help spur conversations that will help Darden achieve gender equity.

What are some of the programming highlights?

We will be hosting a variety of programming, including sessions on intersectional gender identities, gender-based marketing, how to identify and respond to gender-based discrimination and practical ways to be an ally for women in the workplace.

How does this week fit into GWIB’s mission?

With the variety of programming, we hope that Gender Equity week will accomplish a few different goals: To help accelerate individual, interpersonal and community development for women at Darden; To drive broader community learning around issues of gender equity while celebrating the role of women at Darden and in the business community; To celebrate the diversity of our community by hosting events and programs that highlight the intersectionality of women at Darden; And to promote an inclusive experience in and out of the classroom.

What have you enjoyed about serving on the GWIB leadership board?

I have loved working with a very diverse group of women who come together around a shared interest and passion. Serving on the board has also given us the opportunity to be creative in how we offer programming to the Darden community and to find ways to engage all members of the community around our mission.

With graduation right around the corner, what will you miss most about your time at Darden?

I will really miss being surrounded by the amazing group of individuals who make up the Darden community. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from people who I otherwise may not have had the chance to meet.