Second Year Darden students were recently featured as part of a three-part video series (along with Dean Scott Beardsley and standout Professor Lalin Anik), hosted by MBA-focused publication Poets and Quants. During a sit-down interview with Editor-in-Chief John Byrne, the three students shared their personal experiences at Darden.

Alexander Gregorio (Class of 2021)

You’ve got people who are willing to go into the trenches with you, who are willing to work late nights, and who are willing to take time out of their day and teach you how the heck to do a DCF (discounted cash flow) and what debit and credit mean. I was a poet — there was no quant in me before I came to Darden. There is no better place where you can learn, be challenged and grow as an individual, so when you walk out of Darden, you’re ready for whatever the real world is going to throw at you.

Chawit Rochanakit (Class of 2021)

You can find how to build an income statement, contribution margin, even operations in a factory — you can find that knowledge anywhere, but it’s not common for you to find a group of people that can influence you to become a better person.

Alexandra Medack (Class of 2021)

I knew in order to be a true corporate leader you had to understand finance and marketing and operations, and so I really wanted to broaden my aperture and knowledge base and Darden… well, this is exactly the place for that.


Want even more firsthand insights into Darden’s student experience? Hear from Second Year students Jordan Hart and Emily Hecker in our November 2019 webinar, What Makes the No. 1 Education Experience? Students Discuss Darden Culture and Community, as they share an inside look into daily life at Darden.

Session highlights include:

  • Why Charlottesville, Virginia is a unique location for a residential MBA program
  • What the Case Method and classroom experience is really like
    • Yes, the faculty are really as amazing as you’ve heard!
  • What it means to be part of the Darden student network
  • Advice from Jordan and Emily for prospective students, including:
    • How to assess fit
    • What really matters most
    • Reflections on being (more than) halfway through their Darden MBA

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