President of Asia Business Club at Darden (ABCD) Clement Le Royer (Class of 2020) and Vice President of Communications RJ Ramirez (Class of 2020) recently organized Asia Week with ABCD, where different aspects of Asian cultures were showcased at the Darden School through weeklong events featuring guest speakers, regionally inspired lunches, First Coffee events and a cold call. They secured guest speakers, collaborated with other clubs and promoted the events School-wide. Below, they offer some highlights of the week.

ABCD is one of the largest affinity clubs at Darden, and it seeks to promote and celebrate the diversity of cultures and opportunities in Asia through career events, social gatherings, and school-wide events such as Asia Week. The goal is two-fold:

  • To guide overseas students in their journey to establish themselves in the U.S.
  • To serve as a beacon for any students interested in Asian culture or working in Asia

Asia Week is incredibly important for ABCD, as it is an opportunity for us to highlight current economic opportunities in Asia, as well as shed a light on the different countries and cultures from which Darden’s diverse student body hails.

The highlights of the events for Asia Week focused on a lunchtime speaker series which featured both professors, alumni, and current Darden students. Darden alum Jimmy Cheng (MBA ’87), a Taiwanese entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and Saras Sarasvathy, an entrepreneurship professor at Darden, highlighted key takeaways they learned in their entrepreneurial journey during their lives.

ABCD was also able to showcase Kazakhstan and Taiwan during lunch events co-sponsored by the Global Business and Culture Club, where the attendees were guided through the history, culture, food and living styles of both countries.

Clement Le Royer, president of ABCD (left), and RJ Ramirez, vice president of communications of ABCD (right), organized the Asia Week with ABCD.
At an afternoon tea ceremony, two types of Oolong tea were prepared.
A guest speaker lunch on venture capital and entrepreneurship featured Jimmy Cheng (MBA ’87), a Taiwanese alumni who is now the co-chairman of CAV Angels and formerly the secretary of commerce and trade of Virginia.
At a Boba tea First Coffee, ABCD served various flavors of bubble tea for the first day of class.

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