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Tips for Career Switchers and Career Webinar Round-Up

By Brett Twitty-

Our Executive MBA career webinar series continues this week with a session especially for career switchers.

This session will be hosted by Director of Career Education and Advising Kellogg Leliveld and will feature key insights for individuals seeking to switch to a new role in a different function or industry. 

Three Key Tips for Career Switchers
Wednesday, 13 May | 12:30 p.m. ET

We will host a complementary session in early June for climbers (i.e., those who wish to move up within their existing organization). 

Three Key Tips for Climbers
Tuesday, 2 June | 12:30 p.m. ET

In the Darden Executive MBA program, you may hear the Career Center team refer to broader categories of aspiration — a list that also includes entrepreneurs (individuals who wish to start their own business) and explorers (individuals who are in more than one of these categories and are therefore “exploring” a few potential paths).

However, we also know that each students’ career interests and goals are unique, and the team’s approach to career support starts with the individual and focuses on helping each student develop a personalized career plan that takes into account the student’s background, interests, timeline and more. Explore these ExecMBA podcast episodes for even more career-focused content:

Career support at Darden isn’t just limited to the career team! The Executive MBA has a required course in the first quarter of the program called the “Professional Advancement Course” (PAC), led by Professor Connie Dunlop. This course allows students beginning their MBA journey to purposefully engage with larger, orienting questions, such as: What are my passions? What are my career goals? What is my offer to my classmates? What is my ask of my classmates?

Listen to The ExecMBA Podcast episode about PAC

Career support in the Executive MBA program actually begins prior to the start of school with Career Development WhyFinding, or “CDWhy” for short, a self-paced online course designed to offer career resources and prepare students for career advancement, as well as Career Kick-Off meetings — one-on-one conversations with members of the career team.   

Career Round-Up

World Class Resumes

 Career Coach Jim Collins recently hosted a session called World Class Resumes. Over the course of the hour-long session, Collins shared tips for crafting an effective experienced-hire resume and explored how the resume fits into the overall job applicant profile and process.  

As Jim noted during the session, there are many different ways to approach creating a resume, but he stressed the importance of thinking of the resume as a brochure for your career. After all, most future employers will likely only spend 10-15 seconds reviewing your resume when assessing your fit for a position. Keeping this reality in mind, it is critical that your resume is clear; easy to follow; and highlights your brand, skills and impact. 

View World Class Resumes with Career Coach Jim Collins

Career Webinar Recordings

Looking for even more career content? Over the past few months, we’ve hosted a number of career- focused webinars and each explores a different aspect of the job search process. 

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