DeMario Moore (he, him) is not only one of Darden’s two ROMBA Fellowship Recipients —  he’s also an avid foodie! When he mentioned that preparing original recipes and hosting dinner parties was one of his passions, we could help but ask for a favorite dish. Moore led cooking classes during his time at Kin + Carta, and revealed that five-cheese macaroni and southern style collard greens were two favorite original recipes. Who’s ready for lunch?!

Last week, we featured Moore’s classmate and fellow ROMBA Recipient Chris Kraft (she, her) on Discover Darden. Darden began partnering with Reaching Out MBA to award these distinguished fellowships as a signal of Darden’s commitment to improving the LGBTQ+ communities at Darden and in business.

Moore shared insights with us about what his journey to Darden has been like, and how his community of peers have helped support him along the way.

  • Name/Pronouns DeMario Moore (He, Him, His)
  • Cultural IdentitiesBlack
  • HometownDetroit, Michigan
  • Any fun facts you’d like the world to know? I love preparing my original recipes and hosting dinner parties

Q: What was your background before coming to Darden?

A: (Consulting, Product Strategy Consultant, Kin + Carta/Chicago)
I have been working in Consulting for the past 7 years. I began my career in 2013 at Deloitte Consulting, where I had the opportunity to work with clients across many industries. In 2017, I transitioned to Kin + Carta, a digital innovation consultancy that provides digital transformation service to Fortune 1000 clients. Working closely with emerging technologies and creating human-centered experiences was fascinating.

Q: Why did you choose Darden?
A: Most people don’t know, but I’ve had sporadic moments of pursuing business school since 2017. It was a long journey of self-reflection before I aligned on giving my all to the application process. My first in-person interaction with Darden was during the Diversity Conference last year. I was blown away by the tremendous support I received from the Consortium students, and the Associate Director of Diversity Recruitment Marc Paulo. They reassured me that I belonged at Darden even when I doubted myself. That experience exemplifies why Darden’s tight-knit community is a key differentiator from other top business programs.

Q: What are you passionate about?
A: What keeps me up at night is my desire to create safe spaces for individuals to be their authentic selves. Everyone deserves to be happy and accepted for who they are.

Q: What section are you in?
A: I am a proud member of the “birds who flock together crew” AKA section B! We won the first Strava Challenge of 2020 and are still basking in our victory. Most recently, my section elected me as a Review Coordinator. I am eager to coordinate review content and support exam readiness as we gear up for finals in a couple weeks.

Q: What clubs have you joined since starting at Darden? 
I am a proud member of Pride at Darden (PAD), Black Business Student Association (BBSA) and The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management. These individuals quickly became my family before I moved to Charlottesville. Having this strong support system reassured me that I would never feel alone.

Q: Any advice for prospective students?
A: Brace yourselves, because you are in for a rigorous, yet rewarding ride. When you feel discouraged, or inadequate, know that you are powerful and capable of accomplishing your goals. Stay actively engaged with the Darden community and do not be afraid to ask tough questions. Be clear on why Darden is the place for you.

Q: What are your post-Darden plans?
A: I am currently pursuing opportunities in both General Management and Technology. Recruiting season has kicked off and it has been amazing connecting with some of the best companies in the world. I hope to leave my mark wherever I land and make my mom proud.

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