The Black Business Students Association (BBSA) at the Darden School has been a champion for the wellbeing and interests of Black students for more than forty years. They have also used their platform to showcase the richness of Black culture and celebrate the many contributions and achievements of Black individuals in business and otherwise.

The Darden Report shared, “This year, the BBSA is led by Emily Kelly (Class of 2021), a Consortium for Graduate Study in Management Fellow and Forte Foundation Fellow, and Executive Vice President Jesse Wilkinson, who also serves as an interviewer for Darden student admissions and on the board of the Darden Consulting Club. A Howard University alumna, Kelly worked in the education and nonprofit sectors prior to Darden, fueled by her passion for expanding opportunity and wealth for marginalized groups. A Brigham Young University graduate who serves on the board of the university’s Black Alumni Society, Wilkinson worked in financial services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area before Darden.”

UVA Darden Black Business Student Association President Emily Kelly (Class of 2021) and Executive Vice President Jesse Wilkinson (Class of 2021)

This February, the BBSA encouraged the Darden community to “persistently seek understanding about the Black experience” and offered an online guide to help get started. Download BBSA’s curated PDF guide to celebrating Black History Month. The robust guide includes recommendations of virtual tours, music, podcasts, films and documentaries (many of which are readily available across streaming platforms).

For more from BBSA, view the leadership board’s letter to the Darden community on the Diversity at Darden blog.

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