Today’s post wraps up the limited series featuring the decade anniversary of Darden and the School of Education and Human Development’s MBA/M.Ed Dual Degree program. We previously featured MBA/M.Ed dual degree alumni Stephanie Spangler (MBA ’19), who now works in consulting, and Julieta Garcia-Vicente (MBA ’16), who is putting her degree to work as an assistant principal. Check out the previous blog post introducing the dual degree program and how the unique partnership has evolved over the last ten years. Learn more about Darden’s dual degree programs, including the MBA/M.Ed dual degree program offered with the UVA School of Education and Human Development.

Vita Wu (MBA ’20)

Vita Wu – Consultant, EY-Parthenon, MBA ’20

“Coming from teaching high school science, I knew that I wanted an MBA to break into business. But I also knew that the M.Ed degree would offer a historical and theoretical perspective for my continued work in education over the long-term. I didn’t want to take classes on how to lesson plan or behavior monitor a class, but rather to learn more of the theory and historical background for education, innovation, and educational leadership. I really wanted a deeper understanding of the evolution of education and attempts at innovation in the space. A highlight for me was forming our dual degree cohort and community. I will never forget the debates we had in one course on designing a national curriculum.” 

Sam Nelson Senior Director of Content,, MBA ’17

Sam Nelson (MBA ’17)

“The dual degree gave me the foundation to merge the learning and business needs at the ed-tech companies I’ve joined. Often times the business leaders, product managers and engineers who are building learning platforms lack the expertise needed to design products that are optimized for learning. And the learning professionals often lack the business and operational backgrounds to balance the ideal solution with the realities of business constraints. The dual degree has helped me bridge that gap and bring those two groups together to make the right decisions for both the business and the learner.”


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