Though he describes himself as a “poet,” Professor Marc Lipson is a member of the Finance faculty, and he teaches a wide range of courses at the Darden School, including First Year Finance, International Corporate Finance, and Innovators, Designers, and Entrepreneurs in Action. He recently joined Darden Admissions for the tenth installment of “Office Hours,” presented by Darden Ideas to Action.

Lipson’s principal area of research is market microstructure — the study of how market design and organization affects price formation and liquidity. When asked how his background in anthropology has translated to a career at Darden teaching business, Lipson shared, “One the most important things you pick up from the Darden education is a recognition that all things in business are focused on decisions made by people – based on their experiences, values, goals, training. My background in anthropology is the study of people and what motivates us. Darden believes it’s all about decisions and therefore it’s all about people.”

Watch the “Office Hours” recording for a lively conversation with Lipson. He discusses what led him to Darden, what he loves about the Darden classroom, his time as a visiting scholar at the New York Stock Exchange, as well as his passion for art and culture and how these interests inform his work.

Or, choose to listen to the conversation on the Experience Darden podcast below!

Learn more about Lipson’s thought leadership and research on Darden Ideas to Action:

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Riefberg is a Professor of Practice at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia where she holds a David C. Walentas Jefferson Scholars Chair. Riefberg joined the Darden faculty after over 31 years at McKinsey & Company. She is one of the faculty sponsors for the Women@Darden initiative, teaches in both the Executive and Full-Time MBA formats, and serves on many advisory boards.