The first deadline for applicants to Darden’s deferred enrollment program, the Future Year Scholars Program, is just around the corner on 12 April. This unique pathway to earning a Darden MBA was specifically created for bachelor’s degree students in their final year of study or full-time masters students that has not held a full-time work position. Admitted Future Year Scholars can work for 2-5 years before deciding to enroll at Darden and pursue their MBA — making it a great option for candidates who want to explore career interests and gain professional experience!

Five Key Takeaways

The Future Year Scholars Program team hosted an application-focused webinar earlier this week, answering applicant FAQs and fielding attendee questions throughout the session. Read on for highlights from the conversation and to view the full recording.

  1. We have two deadlines for 2022. There is truly no competitive advantage in applying in Round 1 over Round 2. Apply when you feel you will be the strongest candidate and put forth your best self in the application!
  2. The Darden Admissions Committee wants to get to know you! Approach the application as storytelling exercise – focus on your narrative and give us an opportunity to get to know your whole self.
  3. Yes, ACT and SAT scores are accepted in addition to the GMAT, GRE, Executive Assessment, MCAT and LSAT. If scholarship awards are an important factor in your decision, please note that the ACT and SAT are not considered equal to graduate-level standardized tests in our scholarship review process. The Future Year Scholars Program does not currently accept standardized test waivers, but you can read lots more about how we think about standardized tests in our recent blog post here.
  4. Your complete application is due on 12 April, but we will accept letters of recommendation a few days after the application deadline. All other components of the application must be submitted by the deadline to be reviewed in the first round.
  5. A big advantage of the Future Year Scholars Program is that admitted scholars are actually reviewed for scholarship consideration twice! The first evaluation happens when you are admitted to our deferred enrollment program, and admitted students will be considered for the full portfolio of Darden scholarship opportunities at the time of matriculation. .

Full Webinar Recording Available

View the full recording for more tips and insights from Darden Admissions.