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Nine ventures were named to the 2022 i.Lab incubator, which provides a goal-oriented, guided-learning summer program for student founders of innovative ventures addressing problems with meaningful solutions.

The incubator is an initiative of the Batten Institute at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, which has sponsored an early-stage, summer incubator program for over twenty years. The updated 2022 summer program includes programming and venture creation space both on Darden Grounds and, for the first time, at Codebase Coworking, a new work environment on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall.

Codebase Coworking is centrally located at Charlottesville’s Historic Downtown Mall. CEO Rob Archer (MBA ’94) was instrumental in its development.

Benefits include of participating in the i.Lab incubator program include:

  • Up to $10,000 in grant funding for each venture
  • Core workshops, online resources and special events
  • Legal support
  • Mentorship and advisory support from experienced founders and industry experts;
  • Access to community and connections
  • Immersion in the principles of effectuation
  • Eligibility to apply for the Kathryne Carr Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence

Meet the i.Lab Incubator Startups:

  • Clarififounded by Darden student Bradley Levergood (Class of 2023), is an evidence-based homework tool built in the form of a desktop application. The distraction free digital workplace helps students with or without ADHD, complete homework assignments on time by the implementation of reminders. In addition, there is a gaming aspect that rewards students for completing their work.
  • Earnestlyfounded by Emily Ashtiani (MBA ’22), solves corporate employee and client gifting for busy leaders. Earnestly provides personalized, meaningful gifts, always aligned with her client’s needs and ethos. Earnestly sources unique products from a network of small business partners, compiles creative, personalized gift packages, and finally coordinates delivery and fulfillment.
  • LA FOI Jewelry, founded by Liana Lei (MBA ’22), is a jewelry line focused on female empowerment, affordability, and sustainability. Her dainty pieces include rings, necklaces, and earrings. LA FOI donates 10 percent of each collection to a designated foundation that supports and empowers women.
  • Squabble State Hard Cider & Spirits, founded by Will Payne (EMBA ’22), is inspired by the historic lawless region formed along the Virginia and North Carolina borders near what is now downtown Bristol, Virginia. Squabble State is a venture focused on telling the story of the region’s legacy through a developed agritourism destination featuring an apple orchard, hard cidery and distillery.
  • Vibez Musicco-founded by UVA College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate Cresta Campbell and Trey Winn, a UVA alumnus, is the modern-day jukebox. Vibez is a platform where individuals can collectively share, queue and listen to music straight from their device.
  • Spot Social Fitness, co-founded by UVA School of Engineering and Applied Sciences students Jeremy Suh and Aditya Kumar, is an app to socially interact with your friends as you work out.

Meet the i.Lab Virtual Startups:

  • Jas (Joie Avec Sans), founded by Cecilia Rios Murrieta (MBA ’22), is an alcohol-free beverage company that allows everyone to participate in the social ritual of drinking without compromise, by mindfully creating beverages that emulate the look, taste, and mouthfeel of traditional alcoholic beverages.
  • TriviaTrek, co-founded by Jared Graham and Kyle Allen (both MBA ’22), is a voice-controlled hands-free trivia game designed for car commuters. TriviaTrek is a form of alternative entertainment that is interactive for the user and makes their commutes more enjoyable than standard forms of entertainment such as listening to podcasts or streaming music.
  • Tokeico-founded by Tomi Babalola and Chisom Omenyinma (both MBA ’22), is a marketplace that enables the rental of finely crafted timepieces, including luxury watches.