Darden recently welcomed hundreds of prospective students to Grounds in partnership with Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) and their annual MBA Prep Pre-Application Seminar. Programming highlights of the weekend included mock case discussions, alumni panel and speaker events and networking opportunities. The Fellows had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the MBA admissions process and business school journey. View a few photo highlights of the weekend below!

A national nonprofit organization, Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT), has made groundbreaking progress to correct the dramatic underrepresentation of minorities in leadership positions. MLT works to increase the number of minorities in institutions that develop talent, such as first-tier business schools and high-profile companies.

In an MLT-featured blog post, Chisom Omenyinma (MBA ’22) shared his experience participating in the MBA Prep program, why Darden was the best fit for his goals.

Q: You also had access to some of the top business schools as an MBA Prep Fellow. Why did you choose the Darden School of Business over others?

Chisom Omenyinma (MBA ’22)

A: All the top business schools are great, but I chose Darden because it’s excellent at cultivating an environment that allows students to be confident, competitive, humble, and teachable, all at the same time. You see it throughout the classroom as you navigate the case method. Each day is an opportunity to transform who you are as a person. The Darden experience allows you to change how you view yourself, all while you’re building confidence, polish and intellectual capabilities.

Q: What can one do to make the most of their business school experience?

A: To make the most of your business school experience, you must be willing to take risks and challenge yourself. Take up space and put yourself in positions of responsibility, so that you can transition from a leader of people to a leader of leaders. Make sure you use your time wisely and cement the relationships you want to hold on to so you leave without regrets because the two years will go by quicker than you think.

Q: Can you share more about your startup, Tokei? How did Darden support your development as an entrepreneur?

A: Tokei is a marketplace that enables the rental of finely crafted timepieces. Our goal is to help society preserve, refine and acquire a passion and knowledge of collecting timepieces by bridging the gap between affordability and exclusivity. My experience at Darden encouraged me to take risks and nurtured my inner entrepreneur. Through startup incubators and one of my favorite classes, Venture Velocity, I was able to establish and work on this venture with my co-founders and friends.