Darden brings together some of the best and brightest from around the world. We are excited to celebrate International Women’s Day by taking a look at the incredible things women accomplish while at Darden. From Charlottesville to Washington D.C., our MBA programs are committed to recruiting women who want to positively impact the world. Their time at Darden empowers them to grow in whatever role they choose.

Here are some highlights:

UVA Darden Student’s Commitment to Inclusiveness and Global Leadership Earns Prestigious Recognition

Fehin Ibiloye (Class of 2024) received the Lemuel E. Lewis Bicentennial Award for Global Leadership. Ibiloye’s outstanding representation of Darden’s principles not only reflects her influence while at Darden but anticipates her endeavors as a business leader and alumna. Read the full story from The Darden Report.

Rediscovering the Love of Learning: Zoe Chan’s  Journey in Darden’s Part-Time MBA Program

Zoe Chan rediscovered her love of learning as a student in the Part-Time MBA class of 2025. She is a Data Analyst at LMI, a government consulting agency. As a healthcare consultant, she works with the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMA) and HealthCare.gov to make sure plans follow federal regulations and naming conventions are nondiscriminatory.

Meet Gender Equity Representative Katie Herrmann (Class of 2025)

Katie Herrmann (Class of 2025)

Katie Herrmann is proud to be a Gender Equity Rep for Section A. Gender Equity reps are elected positions designed to keep gender issues at the forefront of discussion and foster community within each section and across the First Year class. 

Empowering Success: Dara Busman’s Executive MBA Story

Dara Busman is a current Executive MBA student in the Class of 2024. As the Director of Product Strategy and Operations at Bluemercury, Busman brings important insight and knowledge into the classroom.   

Reaching Your Full Potential: Megan Fitzpatrick (Class of 2024)

Megan Fitzpatrick reflects on what drew her to Darden and how she has grown in the program. An Account Manager at Nestle, she is based just down the street from Sands Family Grounds in Rosslyn. With a degree in finance from the University of Indiana, she worked for Macy’s corporate in New York City and Whole Foods in Austin, TX before moving to the DMV area for her role at Nestle in May of 2020.

Q&A with Entrepreneur Sonia Hounsell (Class of 1999)

Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions Dawna Clarke and Sonia Hounsell (Class of 1999) held an insightful discussion on how the Darden experience has impacted Hounsell’s perspective, career trajectory and more.

Building a Community of Entrepreneurs with the KPI Club

It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur at UVA Darden.

The Play Henry Team

Among the numerous resources and programs for Full-Time, Part-Time and Executive MBA students, there lies a flourishing underground community of aspiring student founders. A pillar of this community is the KPI Club, an unofficial club of female founders started by five women of the Full-Time Class of 2022.




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