Hello, future Future Year Scholars! With interviews quickly approaching, our current FYSP students share advice on best practices in preparation.

During your Darden interview, a member of the Admissions Committee will steer the conversation to get to the heart of who you are, why you are pursuing an MBA and if Darden is the right fit for you. It is the perfect time to help us read between the lines of your resume and get to know you as a full person. And FYI: your interviewer will not read your resume beforehand!  

Here’s how to prepare:

Jessica Zhang (Class of 2025)


Jessica Zhang (Class of 2024) encourages you to read through your resume beforehand so you can “reflect back [on your] professional and personal journey and come up with some stories on why you want to do an MBA.”

Where are the throughlines? What have your previous experiences taught you about what kind of career you want to have? 


Jack Ratterree (Class of 2025)

It doesn’t have to be complicated! Jack Ratterree (Class of 2025) says, “Have 3-5 key things that you want your interviewer to remember about you, and make sure those things are mentioned. Also, make sure these things demonstrate a breadth of different experiences and knowledge you have, as Darden is looking for well-rounded individuals and not necessarily those that already have great business knowledge.”

Before his interview, Jack wrote down a few keys points that he wanted his interviewer to know about him, as well as facts from the Darden website that supported his “Why Darden?” argument.


Witt Hawkins (Class of 2024)

“I prepared for my Darden interview by writing out answers to three key questions: Why MBA? Why Darden? Why me?” – Witt Hawkins (Class of 2024)

Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes. What would you want to know about a potential candidate? It also helps to practice answering these common interview questions out loud, instead of stumbling through the answers for the first time during your interview.

If you are attending a Darden interview for the Future Year Scholars Program, you’ve piqued our interest. We see your potential and we can’t wait to learn more about you! 

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