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Experiential Learning at Darden

While all Darden students are required to complete the core curriculum during the first four terms of the First Year, they are able to customize their academic experiences beginning in March by choosing from over 100 elective courses and for-credit experiential projects.Many Second Years choose to enroll in…

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Darden Second Year Electives

Beginning in March of their First Year, Darden students can customize their learning experience by taking electives in a variety of areas — including courses specializing in a particular job function or industry, global and study abroad opportunities, independent consulting/venture projects and other experiential learning opportunities.Read about our Darden…

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Blog Posts from Darden’s Global Business Experiences

Darden’s Global Business Experiences (GBEs) are one- to two-week courses held outside of the United States. Based on a unifying theme, each course includes structured classes and practitioner presentations as well as visits to companies, governmental agencies and important cultural sites. The courses are typically offered in March…

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Admissions Q & A

Questions from yesterday’s Weekly Wednesday Admissions Chat are included below:Question: I’ve studied in India, but the medium of instruction was English from elementary right up till my Masters. Do I still have to take the TOEFL?Answer: If you were instructed primarily in English, the TOEFL is…

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Darden Case Method & Curriculum

Since we know that many prospective students and applicants are not able to visit Darden prior to applying, we have created several videos to help you learn more about the Darden case method and curriculum:Highlights of a Darden Case Study ClassThis video shows highlights from a Global Economies…

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