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What Business Are You In?

I’ve seen many organizations lose their way because of a failure to know what they were about. My study of failed mergers and acquisitions carries that as a basic theme. To know what your firm is about is to be able to answer crisply questions about mission, vision, values…

By Bob Bruner-
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Cuba Libre

The Cuba Libre is a cocktail that mixes Coca-Cola and Bacardi Rum—popularized in the 1950s, it is part of the romantic appeal of Cuba that includes Ernest Hemingway, the Cha-Cha, Mambo, palm trees, tropical climes, independence uprisings, and revolutions. That you can find neither Coke nor Bacardi…

By Bob Bruner-
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Course, Courser, Coursant, Coursé

“Coursera” is the third person singular, future tense, of the French verb, “to run, race, or chase.”[1] Coursera is also a leading aggregator of online courses of study. Yesterday, University of Virginia and Coursera announced a partnership to place UVA courses online. Darden has agreed to provide one of…

By Bob Bruner-
Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Leadership

Remembering Frank Batten Sr.

Last Thursday I attended the memorial service for Frank Batten Sr., who died on September 10th at age 82. His obituary describes a life of impact and leadership. His business accomplishments included growing Landmark Communications into one of the largest privately-held media and entertainment companies and founding the Weather…

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