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The Dreaded Cover Letter

When it comes to job applications, the cover letter is often met with the most dread from applicants. The conventional wisdom is that no one reads cover letters and they don’t matter. However, we’ve also worked with enough clients to know that there are at least a few…

By Lindsay Guthrie-
Career Transition

(How To) Put Your Why To Work: Pursuing a Second Act

When Darden School Dean Scott Beardsley released his book Higher Calling: The Rise of Nontraditional Leaders in Academia earlier this year, I immediately added it to my reading list. Having executed my own transition to higher education, I was anxious to learn about Dean Beardsley’s journey. More importantly, however…

By Jennifer Coleman-
Career Management

Should You Quit Before Finding a New Job?

Do you dread going to work every day? Sometimes a job turns out to be truly miserable – a destructive company culture, an infuriating boss, overwhelming hours or travel, a re-org that marginalizes your role…..these are just a few of the things that can turn a once promising job…

By Marty Speight-