Are you seeking a new position? Looking to hire a Darden alumnus?

If your answer is yes to either question, it’s time for you to take advantage of Darden Career Link (DCL) powered by GradLeaders. In an effort to better serve our students and alumni, Darden’s Career Development Center and Alumni Career Services adopted the new job board platform in April of this year.

For alumni who are seeking, Darden Career Link offers you the opportunity to see not only jobs posted specifically for Darden graduates, but also all jobs posted to Gradleaders’ MultiPost network. According to GradLeaders, over 600,000 recruiters at over 100,000 companies have used its product. Upload your resumes, create detailed profiles and make your accounts active so you can be searchable by those recruiters — choose to remain anonymous by selecting the confidentiality option in your profile summary.

DCL also offers you the opportunity to set up customized email alerts for particular types of postings.  Find detailed instructions and FAQs on your dashboard when you log in. If you haven’t logged in yet, go to DCL, and type in your email address in the field next to “Find My Account.” If you have a DCL account associated with that email address, you will receive an email with the reset password link. If you are unsuccessful, then your email address likely needs to be updated. Reach out to Alumni Career Services for assistance.

If you are an employer who is seeking to hire a Darden alum, you can post your position to DCL, designating that it only be viewed by Darden alumni. Or you could pay for the MultiPost service, which allows you to distribute your posting across GradLeaders entire network simultaneously. You can filter your posts by geography, by school or by matching resumes using customized filters. To post a job for Darden alumni, access DCL here. To post to the MultiPost network, go here.

Whether you are an alumnus or a recruiter, if you need any assistance, please contact Alumni Career Services.