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Hire a Hoo: The Darden Hiring Network

By Jennifer Coleman-

About a year ago, a member of Darden’s Alumni Association Board of Directors shared with me an email called “Friends of BDO.” On a regular basis, BDO — the global accounting firm — delivers an email that highlights bios of executives in transition. This email is designed to help its network of executives and directors source talent for their organizations. Together we thought, “Why can’t Darden do something like this — connect Darden talent with the wide network of Darden hiring managers?” The answer is: We can! Introducing the Darden Hiring Network (DHN).

To be featured in DHN, you must be a Darden alum. Your DHN profile includes your name, email address, LinkedIn URL, desired industry, function, geography and a brief bio. You must be comfortable with the broad distribution of DHN; anonymity is not an option. Your profile will appear for two consecutive months, unless you request early removal. To register to appear in the next installment, click here.

Recipients of DHN can be any alumni, recruiters or executive search professionals who are interested in Darden alumni talent. And who wouldn’t be? To sign up to receive DHN, click here.

We truly hope you will join the Darden Hiring Network and encourage others to do the same. Help a Hoo, and help your organization by hiring the most well-rounded and collaborative global leaders in business.