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The Armstrong Center for Alumni Career Services’ (ACS) mission is to provide quality career management to all Darden School alumni throughout their careers.  ACS counseling services are free to graduates of all Darden MBA and PhD degree programs.  The Career Corner features monthly articles that offer insight and advice about the ever-shifting world of career change.

Latest Posts

Latest Posts

    26 June 2024

    Sheila McQuade

    Maintaining Motivation During a Prolonged Job Search

    In the ever-evolving job market, persistence is key. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average length of a job search now stands at 20.8 weeks—a duration that can…

    21 May 2024

    Victor Abiad (MBA ’03)

    Juggling Alternate Offers

    Victor Abiad (MBA ’03) recently wrapped up a successful mid-career search that culminated in multiple offers. He shares his experience here. After graduating from Darden in 2003, Victor worked in…

    28 March 2024

    Kerry Kirk

    Rewire to Thrive in Retirement

    Alumni Career Services Coach Marty Speight interviews Kerry Kirk (MBA ’95) on ‘working in retirement/retirement transitions’. Upon graduation from the Darden School, Kerry enjoyed a 28-year single-firm career at Cambridge Associates, LLC,…

    26 February 2024

    Lessons Learned from Darden Job Seekers

    Darden’s Alumni Career Services has the honor of working with a talented global alumni network, established in all industries and functions, as they navigate every career stage, including job transitions.…