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MeadWestvaco CEO John Luke Joins IBiS Advisory Committee

By Allison Elias-

IBiS is pleased to announce that MeadWestvaco (MWV), a global leader in packaging solutions, has joined as a founding corporate partner.  MWV, which is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, brings a history of visionary and effective leadership to the IBiS Advisory Committee.  As an enterprise deeply committed to the environment, MWV recently was listed on the 2012 Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the ninth consecutive year.

As part of Darden’s Leadership Speaker Series “What Does It Take,” MWV CEO John Luke offered strategic leadership insights to Darden students during his recent visit to Darden. Luke underscored “what it takes” to be a good leader, which included having a vision, engaging with a strong and capable team, and developing and executing plans with determination. Yet, he was also mindful of the changing interface between business and society. Luke addressed many of the same issues—sustainability, government regulation, social impact, public trust, and business ethics—that drive the IBiS mission:

Our challenges today are complex, but hardly insurmountable. At the core will be an imperative for a return to responsible, visionary leadership—and a new generation of leaders, including all of you, that understand and share the values that must be central to all private sector endeavors.

Luke emphasized the importance of strong leadership values as we face increased tension at the intersection of social, economic, and ethical concerns.  We are delighted to have Luke and MWV as part of our advisory team!