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The Business of Global Water Management in an Era of Climate Change

By Allison Elias, Research Associate, Institute for Business in Society (IBiS) and Erika Herz, Associate Director of Sustainability ProgramsOn Friday, March 21st, organizations from across the University Grounds came together in the Rotunda’s elegant Dome Room to host the U.Va. World Water Day Symposium, in honor of…

By Allison Elias-
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Senator Warner visits Darden, meets with IBiS elective class

On January 21st, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) spent the afternoon at the Darden School of Business, meeting with administrators, faculty, and students as part of a trip to the region.  In particular, he met with IBiS Academic Director Mary Margaret Frank’s students who are part of her groundbreaking…

By Allison Elias-
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BPA and the Question of Replacement

Some firms proactively replace chemicals that have been labeled as potentially-hazardous substances.  Perhaps they want to avoid the chance of regulation in the future or perhaps the market is inducing replacement because consumers are demanding products free from the substance in question.  If firms do not proactively replace these…

By Allison Elias-
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IBiS director discusses business ethics with Slovenian leaders

IBiS Director Lisa Stewart spoke about cultivating ethical leadership at the Future Ethical Efficiency Leadership (FEEL) conference, held in Slovenia on 12 June 2013.  After delivering an address to an audience of over a hundred managers, executives, and policymakers (watch highlights from her one-hour delivery), Stewart participated in a…

By Allison Elias-