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Professor Mary Margaret Frank Leads Discussions at 2017 Pay for Success and Social Impact Finance Conference

By Tori Schucheng YangHow can Pay for Success models be used to improve project outcomes? And how can these public-private financing models help foster innovation and positively impact communities?These were some of the questions discussed by state government officials, service providers, philanthropists, impact investors and business leaders…

By Laura Hennessey Martens-
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Darden 2015 Business in Society Conference Highlights Public-Private Partnerships

The Darden School’s Business in Society Conference is an annual event that brings together a diverse audience of students, community members and business leaders to discuss the role of business in providing lasting value in an increasingly complex global society. This year’s conference theme is Public-Private Partnerships…

By Maggie Morse-
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The Power of Public-Private Partnerships

Many people think of public-private partnerships (or P3s) as a relatively recent invention. The fact is P3s have been around for a long time. In 1742 Benjamin Franklin founded the American Philosophical Association of Philadelphia which soon joined forces with the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to establish America’s…

By Lisa Stewart-