After finishing their first year at Darden, 30 Class of 2020 students traveled to Brazil for a new Darden Worldwide Course (DWC) offering led by Darden professor Raj Venkatesan and CGI Fellow Dr. Leandro Guissoni. The Brazil DWC, which took place in Rio de Janiero and Sao Paulo, focused on technology and sustainability in business and included company visits to Natura, Nubank, Magazine Luiza, Mercado Libre, Lemann Foundation and OLX. Students explored the relationship between Brazilian public policy and the economy, collaboration between companies to foster sustainable businesses and support local entrepreneurship, and the impact of advanced technology in retail and agriculture on the Brazilian economy and consumer.

Read more about the Brazil DWC in this blog post by Ameya Bhattacharya (Class of 2020) and enjoy the highlight video below for a glimpse into the global immersion course!